Turkey - Retail Banking Decision Makers Club


Retail banking executives are facing an environment of rare complexity, marked by increasing regulatory constraints, a tumultuous economic context and significant technological breakthroughs.

In order to increase the intensity and frequency of peer-to-peer exchanges in Turkey, Efma launched the " Retail Banking Decision Makers Club" in 2020 in partnership with McKinsey&Company.

The aim is to address in a user-friendly way the issues that concern managers while providing them with the most up-to-date synthetic documents. Two meetings are scheduled each year, usually hosted (physically or virtually) by one or other of the member banks.

The members of the Club are members in a personal capacity and are asked to be replaced, in case of impediment, only by a direct collaborator, in order to preserve the homogeneity of the group.

The Retail Banking Decision Makers Club in Turkey is under the joint responsibility of Eylem Özen Bastürk, Country Manager Turkey at Efma, and Atakan Hilal and Bilal Okatan, Partners at McKinsey Turkey.

For further information, please contact Céline Ristors (celine@efma.com).

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