Insurance company executives serving the retail market are facing an exceptionally complex environment, marked by increasing regulatory constraints, a tumultuous economic context (notably linked to low interest rates) exacerbated by the health crisis, the accelerated development of digitalization and the emergence of new uses of technology such as artificial intelligence.
In order to strengthen the intensity and frequency of exchanges between peers at a domestic level, Efma is launching in 2021 a series of "Clubs of Decision-Makers in Retail Insurance" in partnership with Roland Berger.
The aim is to address in a friendly manner the issues that concern managers while providing them with the most up-to-date summary documents. The target audience is distribution managers, marketing managers and innovation and digital transformation managers. Three meetings are scheduled each year, usually hosted (physically or virtually) and chaired by one or other of the Club members.
Club members are members in a personal capacity and are asked to be replaced, in case of impediment, only by a direct collaborator, in order to preserve the homogeneity of the group.

The Clubs of Decision-Makers in Retail Insurance are under the joint responsibility of Patrick Desmarès, ex-CEO of Efma, and Christophe Angoulvant, Global Head of the Insurance Practice at Roland Berger. In each country where they are active, these Clubs are under the responsibility of the local representatives of Efma and Roland Berger.

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