Learning Expedition in San Francisco

Learning expedition
San Francisco
2 to 5 October 2018

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Discover the magic of modern financial services in San Francisco

A hub of innovation and success in retail financial services, and home to some of the most successful banks in the world, San Francisco has it all.

That’s why Efma has chosen to host one of its most popular networking events in the sunny climes of the Bay Area, where attendees will get to not only find out about what goes on behind the scenes at some of the most exciting retail financial services institutions in the world but also experience what it’s like to live the life of a San Francisco executive!

Cocktails, virtual reality escape games, and some other activities will complement visits to some of the most highly regarded and innovative companies operating out of Silicon Valley, including Orange, Wells Fargo, and IBM, as well as our fantastic ‘startup speed meetings’ where you’ll get to meet an elite ecosystem of entrepreneurs. 

Overall, it’s a unique program of events where you’ll get to discover:
What are the key ingredients to becoming a success in Silicon Valley?
How can banks be improved through the creative use of technology?
What does customer centric open banking look like?
How can AI revolutionize the way people manage their money?
What are the new customer demands and digital expectations?
What will the bank of the future look like?

Hot topics covered at the expedition include:

The transformation of the industry: A front-row seat to the future of banking
Future of branches: How might banks design the different roles of employees and their measurements in branches? What makes a branch transformation project succeed or fail?
Future of work: How might the employee experience evolve
AI & Cybersecurity: Revolutionizing the way people manage their money and helping you to make smarter
Big Data & Blockchain: What’s next for these exciting technologies?
PSD2 Compliance and open banking: Avoiding the pitfalls with learnings from current open banking implementations

Far more than just a business trip, this learning expedition is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get involved in a wide range of ‘hands-on’ experiences and interactive activities that you won’t find anywhere else. This intimate and exclusive event is reserved for up to 25 executives, so don’t miss out – reserve your place today!

For more details, contact:

Angeline.jpg (27 KB) Angeline Grandman
Head of Events
+33 1 47 42 69 77

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