Business Trip to Israel

Business trip
Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
15 to 19 May 2016


The next Business Trip hot spot!

The next Business Trip hot spot focusing on the latest compelling topics in the field will take place in Israel in 2016.

The main thrust of the Efma Business Trips (former Study Tours) concept is to continue organising different, added value events on the premises of the most ground-breaking banks in the world. This format enables participants to gain hands-on experience of the region’s best innovations and deepen their knowledge of the implementation, processes and outcomes of such innovations.

Why Israel? How did FinTechs penetrate the Israeli financial services sector and make an impact? These are just some questions that will be answered during the Business Trip. Israel and its banking sector are considered to be one of the most innovative and developed markets in the world, with an extensive portfolio of FinTechs. As banks are still struggling with limited creativity and the effects of a long period of stagnation, collaborating with FinTech companies could help them gain access to new innovations and technologies. And this in turn is the main topic of the whole Business Trip- Exploring a market of open innovations and FinTech hubs.

Key reasons to attend:

Learn from top banking players in Israel

Find out why Israel is recognised as one of the most influential FinTech hubs in the world

Discover why there are more and more partnerships between FinTech companies and banks in Israel

Visit to innovative centers

Understand how banks can create accelerators and benefit from them

Please note that this event is limited to 25 guests.

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What delegates said at #EfmaPoland15

"It was very well organized and it provided a huge possibility to observe polish banks"

Dogan Gurkan, Head of Retail Banking, Credit Europe, Credit Europe Bank, Russia

What delegates said at #EfmaPoland15

"Great networking opportunity with hosting institutions, fellow participants, fintechs and with Efma"

Patricia Sin, Adviser to MCB Steering Committee for Projects, Mauritius Commercial Bank, Mauritius

What delegates said at ST California - Oct 2014

"Let me thank you for organizing an enjoyable and useful trip. We had a very interesting group as well a well-rounded program with the right balance of work and networking opportunity."

Svyatoslav Ostrovskiy, Director "New Bank", Sberbank, Russian Federation

What delegates said at ST California - Oct 2014

"I really had a good time on this study tour. The events and visits were very useful and innovative, it was good to see the best practices. The organization was also very professional, the team really did a good job. So thank you for the time we all spent together."

Antal Kovacs, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, OTP Bank, Hungary

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