Learning expeditions

Efma learning expeditions

Efma Learning expeditions are the former Business trips and they are exclusive events where senior executives meet for high-level debates and interaction in the headquarters of major industry players in key destinations.

Learning expeditions ally knowledge and culture, as participants are immersed into the culture of the country via tour guides, gastronomy and meetings with their local homologues. Being a small group makes it easy for them to create bounds and opportunities throughout this unique adventure.

    Key reasons to attend:
  • • Visits of banks headquarters and innovative branches
  • • Tours of tech and innovation hubs
  • • Face-to-face interactions with major Fintech players
  • • Personalized approaches and discussions
  • • Exclusive networking with top retail banking executives
  • • Sightseeing and cultural immersion

Financial advantages: Efma members are entitled to a special rate, 33% lower than the full entrance fee.
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