Learning Expedition in London

Learning expedition
25 to 27 June 2019

For more details, contact:

Barbora.jpg (13 KB)  Barbora Sliacka
  Events Manager
  +421 908 560 272

What delegates said at #EfmaLondon17

"Compact and fast learning tool for busy bankers. Great to have colleagues to share and discuss discovered ideas."

David Birman,Chief Digital Officer, Bank of Georgia,  Georgia

What delegates said at #EfmaLondon17

"Very well organized. Intensive and inspire."

 Vlastimir Vuković, CMO - Member of Executive Board, NLB Banka Belograd, Serbia  

What delegates said at #EfmaLondon17

"Very interesting visits on-site. Learning the subjects from different point of view."

Micha Argaman, Head of Banking Operations Sector, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, Israel

What delegates said at #EfmaCape18

"Very well organised with relevant practical industry practices."

Lance Mambondiani, Chief Executive Officer, Standard Bank, Zimbabwe

What delegates said at #EfmaToronto17

"Very good company visits and discussions. Good networking opportunities."

Lars Linder, Head of Projects and Business Development at Customer competence center, Swedbank, Sweden

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