COVID-19: Desjardins announces increase of contactless payment limit
23 March 2020
In response to the government's recommendations, Desjardins Group has adopted a number of preventive measures to help limit the spread of coronavirus.

COVID-19: a quarter of Canadian SMEs won't survive a month
18 March 2020
Half of Canada's small firms have already seen a drop in sales due to the economic effects of COVID-19, with 4 in 10 of those affected businesses also…

RBC introduces digital government identity verification solutions
16 March 2020
RBC continues to develop industry-leading digital capabilities for its clients. The latest offering gives clients the ability to digitally verify their…

Efma feature
Fintech Friday: Qohash
13 March 2020
Jean le Bouthillier, founder and CEO of Qohash, discussed his company’s origins and their ambitious plans for the future with Efma’s Boris…

PolicyMe raises $3.3 million to simplify the process of buying life insurance
12 March 2020
PolicyMe is excited to announce it has successfully raised a $3.3 million round of funding from a syndicate of international and domestic investors,…

Desjardins supports diversity
10 March 2020
Desjardins marks International Women's Day 2020 by announcing the creation of its SocieTerra Diversity Fund. The fund will be available starting March…

How well do Canadian banks serve their SME clients?
10 March 2020
Small businesses say they get better customer service at credit unions and regional financial institutions than at Canada's biggest banks, finds a new…

New CIBC Smart Balance Alert texts when your account is short funds
09 March 2020
CIBC introduces text message notifications alerting clients when there are insufficient funds in their account to cover an upcoming payment. The first-in-Canada…

Canada Life to make Dialogue's virtual health care a standard benefit
06 March 2020
Canada Life announced that it is working with Dialogue Technologies, to become the first insurer in Canada to make virtual health care a standard benefit for…

Only 40% of Canadians buy travel insurance even as threats to health continue to emerge
05 March 2020
While the coronavirus outbreak and recent calamities such as the Australia and California bushfires have raised concerns for travellers around the world,…

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