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How Tandem became the UK’s best neobank
22 August 2019
At the upcoming 47th Efma Congress, taking place in Paris on 17 to 18 October, Ricky Knox, Tandem’s CEO, will share his experience running the UK’s…

Payday can come early, thanks to Monzo
22 August 2019
Monzo has built a new feature called ‘Get Paid Early’ which allows you to get paid a day early, for free and with no hassle!

Efma feature
How do banks innovate in the UK?
20 August 2019
The UK is home to one of the world’s leading fintech capitals, as well as historical world-renowned financial institutions. On 14 October, participants…

NatWest: Banking on your voice
12 August 2019
NatWest customers in new pilot will be able to bank from home using just their voice.

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LIV. - mobile banking for people who need an island
01 August 2019
Artur Małek, Head of Insights at Finanteq, « Finanteq Insights department work » shared his insights in this article on how Emirates’…

Efma feature
Is Brexit to blame for Fidor Bank’s UK exit?
10 July 2019
Fidor Bank announced last week its withdrawal from the UK market, effective from 15 September 2019. Uncertainty surrounding Brexit, among other factors,…

HSBC UK reduces ATM “cash-trapping” fraud losses by 50%
02 July 2019
HSBC UK is improving safety and service for customers with the roll out of new, industry-first technology across its ATM network following a successful…

NatWest current accounts can now be opened with a selfie
01 July 2019
NatWest is the first high street bank to enable customers to open an account using a selfie and photo ID to verify who they are.

New HSBC UK student account adds £100 cash offer
01 July 2019
HSBC UK has released details of its Student Account for new university students for the 2019/2020 academic year, which for the first time includes a cash…

Efma feature
Lloyds first to launch Open Banking app for credit card and savings customers
18 June 2019
Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland customers are starting to see their savings and credit card accounts in real time alongside current accounts…

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