Banker's view
Sathapana Bank: An ambitious strategy for growth
21 January 2020
Lim Aun, CEO at Sathapana Bank, explains Efma's Anne-Laure Jozan how his organization is expanding its delivery channels and working with partners outside…

Individual carbon footprints now available to 3 million customers using Nordea’s digital banking services
17 January 2020
Nordea’s customers are offered easy access to their individual carbon footprint embedded in the bank’s digital banking services. This new…

Nationwide enhances support for members with hidden disabilities
17 January 2020
Nationwide Building Society is trialling a range of measures in branches to make the experience as comfortable and convenient as possible for members…

Banker's view
Philippine National Bank: Building a progressive future
16 January 2020
Wick Veloso, President and CEO of Philippine National Bank (PNB), discusses the developments he has overseen since taking office in November 2018, and…

Banker's view
Krungsri thinks digital first in Thailand
14 January 2020
As part of its ‘Think Digital First’ concept, Thailand-based Krungsri Bank is delivering a wide range of digital innovations. Efma's Anne-Laure…

Banker's view
Bangkok Bank attributes its success to innovation and collaboration
19 December 2019
As financial services evolve with the use of innovative technologies, Bangkok Bank is also evolving to become a key part of its customers’ lives.…

Banker's view
Phillip Bank capitalizes on Cambodia’s growing economy
18 December 2019
Phillip Bank’s general manager Han Peng Kwang explains Efma's Anne-Laure Jozan how the bank plans to use digital technology, new products and additional…

Efma feature
Sustainable banking: more important than ever in 2020
18 December 2019
All over the world financial institutions and governing bodies are recognizing the need for a more inclusive, forward-looking financial system.

Banker's view
Alliance Bank: Versatility and innovation to produce strong results
17 December 2019
Joel Kornreich, Group CEO of Alliance Bank, explained to Efma’s Anne-Laure Jozan how the bank is building alliances with business owners to improve…

Efma feature
Sunrise Banks is empowering financial wellness through fintech partnerships
11 December 2019
David Reiling, Chairman and CEO of Sunrise Banks in Minnesota, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how his bank places community engagement and…

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