Appointments via Garanti BBVA’s mobile app
07 January 2020
Garanti BBVA customers carry out more than 88 percent of their non-cash transactions without ever setting foot in a branch — using either the mobile…

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Fibabanka launched a new banking chatbot, Fi’bot, in collaboration with CBOT
13 December 2019
Fibabanka, a young and dynamic bank in Turkey, has launched an AI-based chatbot “Fi’bot” to provide instant responses to customer queries…

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How chatbots are simplifying pensions and life insurance
24 September 2019
Leading Turkey-based private pension and life insurance company Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik has partnered with Cbot to create an artificial intelligence-based…

OCBC Banking Assistant enables customers to use their voice to bank
20 September 2019
Leveraging artificial intelligence and through digital 'conversations' on the OCBC Mobile Banking app, customers can pay bills, check account transactions…

Emirates NBD to launch voice banking through Amazon Alexa
13 September 2019
Emirates NBD customers in the UAE will soon be able to get banking updates, track spends as well as listen to daily market briefings on their Amazon Alexa…

NatWest: Banking on your voice
12 August 2019
NatWest customers in new pilot will be able to bank from home using just their voice.

ING's branches make you feel at home
23 July 2019
Despite banking becoming increasingly digital, many customers still prefer personal contact when it comes to making important financial decisions. That’s…

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How well do YOU know your customer?
15 July 2019
Accenture’s most detailed Global Financial Services Consumer Study yet pinpoints what financial services customers are looking for in 2019, revealing…

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CX in the digital age: How to deliver cultural change
27 June 2019
For Efma’s new ‘Customer experience’ webinar series, host John Berry will be joined by Vikram Krishna, Executive Vice President and…

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Retail banking trend #2: Making employees and the brand become one
19 June 2019
FinTech is seemingly everywhere – from chatbots proactively engaging customers with sales proposals to new, algorithm-based personal financial management…

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