Efma feature
Fintech Friday: Fasta – expanding payment options
07 August 2020
Kevin Hurwitz, founder of Fasta, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how his company is creating the fastest and simplest way to pay for goods…

Efma feature
Fintech Friday: Willa – helping freelancers
24 July 2020
Kristofer Sommestad, CEO and co-founder of Willa, told Efma’s Boris Plantier how his company is leveling the playing field for freelancers in the…

Australia Post to trial eftpos digital identity and payments solution
24 July 2020
eftpos announced it is working with one of Australia’s best known brands, Australia Post, to pilot a new way of securely identifying consumers making…

Lloyds Banking Group enters strategic partnership with fintech Form3
23 July 2020
Lloyds Banking Group has announced a strategic partnership with Form3, a cloud-native payments technology fintech, to accelerate its transformation and…

Scorechain launches Risk-AML solution for Tezos-XTZ
22 July 2020
The European leader in crypto AML software, Scorechain officially just launched the risk solution and AML software for the Tezos blockchain and its cryptocurrency…

Partnership between Monese and Paysafecash in France
14 July 2020
Do digital banking and cash create two parallelly existing worlds? The cooperation between Monese, one of the fastest growing, most popular and trusted…

Lloyds adds new subscription management service to mobile banking app
13 July 2020
Lloyds Bank customers will soon be able to view, manage or amend subscription services following an industry leading update to the mobile banking app.

Efma feature
Fintech Friday: Likvido – streamlining invoice management
10 July 2020
Maximilian Frimmer, CEO and co-founder of Likvido, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about his company’s mission to support SMEs with faster,…

Danske Bank opens up for payment initiation with Nordic API Gateway
08 July 2020
The open banking platform, Nordic API Gateway, announces that it has extended its partnership with Denmark's leading bank to enable customers to pay from…

Major Eurozone banks start the implementation phase of a new unified payment scheme and solution
08 July 2020
A group of 16 major European banks from five countries (Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain) paved the way for the future launch of the…

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