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Sberbank introduces new cost management system
31 March 2017
Russian bank makes significant savings across the board thanks to new solution.

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Innovation of the month: Tips in Sberbank Online
13 March 2017
Efma’s innovation of the month award for March goes to Sberbank for its artificial intelligence based service called Tips. Sergey Komarov, the bank’s…

Banker's view
Sberbank: Smart employee management
02 January 2017
Alexander Torbakhov, Deputy CEO at Sberbank shares why the Russian bank won the Salesforce Change Management award for its Smart Management…

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Sberbank named Salesforce Change Management category winner at Efma Accenture Global Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards
10 November 2016
Sberbank in Russia has won the Salesforce Change Management award at the fourth annual Efma Accenture Global Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards…

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An SME app that’s effortless to use
28 June 2016
Since its launch in 2009, Tochka Bank’s SME app has witnessed remarkable success. Boris Dyakonov, CEO and Co-founder of the bank tells us more.

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From startup to success: Touch Bank’s first year in operation
18 March 2016
Touch Bank’s CEO Andrei Kozliar tells us about the success the bank has achieved to date and outlines how he expects financial services to evolve in the…

First wholly digital bank launches in Russia
05 August 2015
OTP Bank has launched Touch Bank, the first digital-only bank in Russia.

A banking ecosystem evolution
14 April 2015
New players in the banking industry are driving forward innovation, but banks don’t necessarily have to see them as a threat; they can partner with them,…

MasterCard launches contactless payment for St. Petersburg Metro
03 February 2015
New system first of its kind to be used on a Russian subway system.

Contactless payments come to Russia
04 July 2014
Russian Standard Bank, Samsung Electronics and MasterCard have announced the commercial launch of a contactless payment service on some flagship NFC-enabled…

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