Efma feature
Walmart continues foray into health care
30 July 2020
The big box retailer is taking another step into the lucrative world of American health care.

Efma feature
Fintech Friday: Willa – helping freelancers
24 July 2020
Kristofer Sommestad, CEO and co-founder of Willa, told Efma’s Boris Plantier how his company is leveling the playing field for freelancers in the…

Efma feature
Bank earnings reports reflect major uncertainty in U.S.
23 July 2020
The biggest American banks are girding themselves against depressed economic activity for the remainder of the year.

Chase Business Banking to help black entrepreneurs address the financial challenges of COVID-19
22 July 2020
New educational curriculum will help black business owners address immediate financial needs and build resiliency in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Capital One teams up with Uber Eats
15 July 2020
During this extraordinary time, more people are staying in and finding new ways to enjoy life and make memories at home. That’s why Capital One…

Efma feature
Explosion of offerings by U.S. fintechs
08 July 2020
As consumer-facing fintechs mature in America, they are adding new services to fuel their growth aspirations.

American Express, Discover, Mastercard and Visa to power global expansion of simple, consistent digital checkout experience
08 July 2020
E-commerce has reached new heights around the world, as more consumers are going online to make secure, touch-free purchases across various merchants…

COVID-19 is significantly altering U.S. consumer behavior and plans post-crisis
07 July 2020
Findings from an IBM Institute for Business Value (IBV) survey of U.S. consumers reveals shifting personal behavior and preferences resulting from the…

Student loans: 67% of parents still believe college is a good investment for their children
29 June 2020
Parents are now more concerned about how they’ll pay for their child’s college education than before the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, according…

Ellevest introduces money membership built by women, for women
26 June 2020
Ellevest announced a first-of-its-kind membership plan created to get more money in the hands of women by helping them invest, save, and advance their…

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