La Parisienne Assurances and Sigfox France launch connected insurance offer
02 July 2019
At this major insurtech event in Europe, held in Amsterdam on June 25-27, La Parisienne Assurances and Sigfox France announce a partnership to develop…

How are BNP Paribas and its partners helping refugees in Europe start a business?
01 July 2019
Since 2015, BNP Paribas has set up a significant policy of helping refugees in Europe, through a range of programmes led by the BNP Paribas…

Efma feature
At work with Anne Gradvohl
24 June 2019
Anne Gradvohl, Innovation Director at Groupe VYV, a French insurance group, has established herself as the type of leader that is always supportive. Responsible…

Efma feature
At work with Constance Chalchat
17 June 2019
Constance Chalchat’s passion for learning and transformation has seen her taking varied roles, from strategist for global consumer brands to head…

BNP Paribas rolls out world premiere teleportation meetings
06 June 2019
BNP Paribas is unveiling the teleportation meeting as it is convinced that immersive technologies (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality)…

BNP Paribas Personal Finance partners with Mastercard to launch its Cpay card
05 June 2019
BNP Paribas Personal Finance and Mastercard are bringing together their areas of expertise to launch the Cpay card that has replaced the former Cetelem…

La Parisienne Assurances multiplies insurtech investment with
04 June 2019
La Parisienne Assurances' support for, a European investor in insurtech start-ups, is part of its positioning as a technological and European…

Efma feature
At work with Astrid Quenum
27 May 2019
According to Astrid Quenum, the chief digital officer at MGEN Group, true success comes when you become obsessed with the customer. She tells Efma’s…

Holvi announces plan to expand in Europe
17 May 2019
The Finnish startup is to expand to Ireland, Italy, Belgium, France and the Netherlands as demand for its small business current account service increases.…

Intrapreneurship on a large scale to accelerate the digital transformation of Societe Generale
14 May 2019
Societe Generale makes a first assessment of the Internal Startup Call, the largest intrapreneurship programme of the S&P 500, launched at end-2017…

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