At the forefront of the insurance industry thanks to digitization

Dipu KV, President - Operations, Communities & CX at Allianz Bajaj General Insurance Company, explains how his firm rose to the challenge of the pandemic thanks to its digital efforts.

At the forefront of the insurance industry thanks to digitization

At Bajaj Allianz, we regard insurance as more than just a subject matter of solicitation. We see it as a commitment to building engaged relationships through solutions that help our customers live confidently. We seek to represent genuine Customer Care rather than mere Customer Service! We’re committed to providing service that is distinctly and caringly yours.

Headquartered in Pune, India, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company is amongst the largest private insurers, growing at a rapid speed. Providing seamless customer experience across our large customer base (more than the population of some countries!) can be a challenge, keeping in mind the below landscape:

- Operating in a country with 22 official languages

- Across 1000+ branches (including digital offices)

- With a wide range of 300+ products

- A vast number of customer servicing channels and touchpoints (website, mobile app, Alexa, Google Assistant, emails, QR code, Face2Face at branches & hospitals, WhatsApp, BOTs, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, regulator & our intermediaries through partner integrations / partner portal).

Hence, we have leveraged digitization as a key strategic priority to offer a best-in-class customer experience. Our digital solutions offer real time solutions to both customers and partners via a wide array of tools. Industry first innovations such as cashless claim settlements in health insurance, image-based policy as well as claim processing, blockchain-based claim settlement in travel, AI-driven claim settlement in motor insurance, digital offices and mobile applications have set a benchmark in the industry. We were pioneers in terms of leveraging IoT (internet of things) for usage-based insurance through connected car and connected school products.

The true test of our digital capabilities & innovations came to the fore during Covid-19 (lockdown period) when our agility was put to the test! Highlights of our seamless switch to a digital way of working include the following:

- When call centers had to work with limited capacity, our digital tools (WhatsApp, customer portal, mobile app, AI driven chatbot et al) ensured uninterrupted servicing!

- Our grievance ratio during this period fell by a whopping 90%

- Our digital servicing continues to be strong at 70-80% of the total volume even as call centers are back in action!

We delighted customers by moving from meeting their stated needs to also meeting their unstated needs! We quickly rolled out a series of initiatives in this regard. Some of the noticeable ones are:

- Social Trackback: this feature on the Caringly Yours mobile app was enabled for both customers and society at large. Social Trackback speeds up the tracing process and helps in prevention by quickly detecting virus carriers and in curtailing the spread of the virus, as people in close contact with someone who is infected are at a higher risk of becoming infected themselves.

- AI-enabled Covid-19 FAQ’s made live on Google Home & Alexa with details on #COVID19.

- AI-enabled bot for Covid-19 self-assessment: we enabled a quick, easy self-risk assessment tool to assess risk of exposure to Covid-19.

- Doctor on chat / call: customers had access to digital consultations with our empanelled doctors when they could not visit hospitals!

Bajaj Allianz GIC has been at the forefront of industry leadership on digital transformation and customer experience. We were twice named Digital Insurer of the Year across Asia, as well as #8 in global top 100 digital insurers, and won 15 awards at various forums for the work done during these tough times. Now, as we emerge into the new normal, we have enabled “touchless UI/UX” & “phygital” experiences across the lifecycle to ensure seamless, digital servicing even as we take care of customers’ health & safety.


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