Efma launches EBA – sharing knowledge to innovate and transform

Efma’s new Business Academy & Advisory (EBA) will further help financial institutions manage successful transformations and reskill/upskill people.

Efma launches EBA – sharing knowledge to innovate and transform

The onset of the Covid-19 pandemic dramatically altered the way customers interact with their financial institutions and placed an even greater emphasis on the necessity of digital tools. This is forcing many companies to reassess their digital propositions and where they are on their journey to digital.

“This past year, Efma has also been recalibrating its strategy to better serve its members in the new world in which we all find ourselves. As part of our reassessment, in recent months we have gathered important feedback from our members. Based on this, we are pleased to introduce the Efma Business Academy & Advisory (EBA),” said Philippe Van Fraechem, Head of EBA.

EBA helps financial institutions manage successful transformations and reskill/upskill people, in partnership with leading professional industry experts and educational organizations. 

EBA is a new pay-on-demand offering that will deliver impactful learning experiences and advisory services incorporating insightful case studies, best practices, and live testimonials from industry experts. EBA will utilize Efma’s vast network of experts to assist financial institutions in managing successful transformations.

One of our renowned experts is Michael Ruckman. Michael brings a strong background having served as Chief transformation officer and CEO at several financial institutions, and helping in 300 transformation programs across 30 countries in banking and non-banking environments.

“It has always been my opinion that knowledge that is not shared is knowledge wasted. Professionals that share practical experience in educational programs for other professionals have the opportunity to greatly influence the success of individuals, companies, and even entire industries by spreading their knowledge among larger groups of beneficiaries,” said Mr. Ruckman.

Beyond the digital tools necessary to any transformation is something perhaps even more important: the human element. A forward-thinking, transformative mindset, starting with leaders and then filtering through an organization is paramount to any transformation project.

That is why we have another expert, Paul Berry, who will facilitate HR programs. Mr. Berry is a performance psychologist and leadership coach; he has worked with a range of performers, from RAF Typhoon pilots to hedge fund traders, university students and senior leaders in banking and private equity.

“A large and increasing evidence base suggests that coaching works. Not only does it help leaders generate solutions to their business challenges, but it is also an indispensable style of leadership. Adopting a coaching approach with others is the most powerful way to increase motivation, support confidence and build positive working relationships. Authoritarian leadership is fast becoming anachronistic. Anyone serious about excellence in leadership will have the skills to adopt a coaching approach,” said Mr. Berry. EBA will address some of the most pressing topics on the minds of financial services executives all over the world:

Customer experience: Understanding the necessary changes to progress from good customer experiences to good customer relationships

Strategy and transformation management: How to design and manage change/transformation programs in organizations of different sizes

Employee reskilling & upskilling: A major area of focus reported by many member banks – helping employees adapt to a new, digital way of working 

Leadership development: Transforming leadership qualities by developing relationally intelligent leaders who are driven to create high-performing, low-stress teams

Experiential innovation and relationship-centric business design: Cultivating an innovation process that moves from functionality and channel design to a process focused on creating value for customers

And many other topics such as digital sales, SME banking,…

To kick off this new initiative, we have an upcoming webinar divided into two parts, with both aforementioned experts participating:

Efma - Transformational mindset: the key to success – part 1

Webinar_banner_web_Part1-01.png (754 KB)

Efma - Transformational mindset: the key to success – part 2

Webinar_banner_web_Part2-01.png (836 KB)

Register now to see all the ways Efma can help your organization implement a meaningful transformation in 2021!

For more information about EBA, contact eba@efma.com or browse www.efma.com/EBA.


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