Quick Sigorta: Creating a digital insurance bridge

With their “Not an Agent but an Agency” campaign, Quick Sigorta is ensuring their clients receive an uninterrupted end-to-end service without leaving their homes.

Quick Sigorta: Creating a digital insurance bridge

Quick Sigorta is a company that has been drawing attention with its digital investments and the digital solutions it has introduced to the insurance sector since the day it was founded. We came together with Quick Sigorta General Manager Mr. Ahmet Yaşar and Quick Sigorta Deputy General Manager for Integrated Marketing Mrs. Pınar Güzey, to talk about their latest project entitled “Not an Agent, but an Agency”, which has been led by Mrs. Pınar Güzey as the project leader.

Mr. Yaşar, as you know, digital developments have led to significant changes in the entire business world. What do you think about the effects of these changes on the insurance sector?

Going digital, developing digital projects, embracing the digital space are among the popular trends of recent years. Just like the concept of technology, the concept of digitalization is also perceived positively in the general sense. I, too, find this positive perception understandable since both concepts include future perspectives. Nevertheless, I also think that the approaches, which do not incorporate the subject into business processes, produce solutions, and provide solutions to the stakeholders involved in the business process are nothing but “Digital PR (public relations) campaigns”. Compared to other sectors, the insurance sector adopts a much more positive approach to digital solutions and follows the latest developments very closely, since digital solutions provide the sector with opportunities to act quickly, save money, and provide more efficient services to the insured. Online sales constitute only a very small part of the concept of digitalization. The concept of digitalization has extremely important components with regards to the consumers, from promoting the product to the consumer to the consumer’s experience during the process of purchasing the product, as well as notification of damage claims and provision of emergency assistance and support. It also includes very important components with regards to the insurance companies that support the concept of efficiency, such as more efficient evaluation of data, saving on time and budget savings. In this sense, it is clear that the process of digitalization will have significant effects on the insurance industry. In the insurance sector, our performance in terms of going digital is better than most sectors, but we should not forget that this is a continuous journey and that it is an area that needs continuous improvement.

As for Quick Sigorta, we have always been a company focused on projects that produce solutions, break new ground, and most importantly, generate benefits. I can say that we are one of the pioneering companies in the sector in this sense.

I believe your latest project named “Not an Agent, but an Agency” was a project you have been working on for a long time now. What was your motivation in launching such a project?

Since the day we were founded, we have given a very clear message to our agencies that none of the works we are to accomplish in the digital field can be possible without them. The insurance business is a field that requires specialization and most of the products require consultancy service with the exception of maybe a few very simple products. This approach has been an approach that is shared by our entire team and for this reason, we have developed our projects with this understanding from the very first day. And the “Not an Agent, but an Agency” project is something that we have called Phase 2 from the very beginning and that we have been working on in detail for the last 1.5 years. Our agencies seemed to be quite distant to the digital work during the agency meetings we held at the time. In fact, their main concern was the issue of “online sales”. However, we kept reminding them at every meeting that insurance is a subject that requires significant expertise, and no process that excludes agencies has a chance of success. Yet, it was not our style to show a predominantly PR approach to our agencies instead of a solution-oriented approach, and address them with phrases such as “you are what matters” or “without you nothing would be possible”. For this reason, we first dealt with the “online sales” issue, as it was what the agencies were concerned about the most, and we put them at the center of the “online sales” process. On the other hand, we have offered a seamless and complete omni-channel experience to our customers as well. In this way, we bring together the consumer and the agency in a digital environment under extremely comfortable conditions, which is a very effective process for both sides.

How did the agencies respond to this project, Mr. Yaşar?

This was in fact a project that we have developed together with our agencies. Our agencies have provided incredible support for the project from day one. They contributed to the project with their suggestions and shot the videos that are shown to the consumer in the digital platform in no time. This project ultimately reveals that they have an important role in "online sales". Our agencies are not just any "Agent", who only inform the prices of products and talk about the insurance coverages that are already written on the policy, and to whom you cannot reach when you call again. As licensed agencies also certified by SEGEM (Insurance Training Center), each of our agencies has gained vast experience for years, is aware of the importance of insurance, and strives to offer the most relevant and comprehensive policy to consumers. In addition to being insurance brokers they are also insurance consultants. This project allows them to have direct access to consumers through the digital space. We provide the entire system service, we carry out all the promotional activities-communication work and we bring them together with online consumers. This is actually revolutionary work in this field.

What kind of customer experience does the “Not an Agent, but an Agency” project offer Mrs. Guzey? Could you elaborate more on how the system works?

With our “Not an Agent, but an Agency” project, we bring together our insured who want to buy insurance policies online but need expert support, with nearly 3000 agencies who are experts in their fields. The agencies that are in a position to provide the most appropriate support given the needs of our insured are matched and listed, thanks to the machine learning system developed by Insurtech, an affiliated company of Quick Sigorta. In this way, our policyholders are provided a list of agencies that match their needs, giving them the option to choose from the agency that they think is most suitable for them, based on the promotional videos shot and photos taken directly by our agencies and uploaded by Quick Sigorta. Thus, both the agencies and the consumers are matched online during this pandemic period, as if they are entering the office of an agency or as if our agency is visiting our insured at home.

In the past, the most convenient agencies were considered to be the ones located in the  immediate vicinity; whereas today, numerous factors such as agencies with a specialization matching the relevant request, the place where the consumer lives, fellow-townsmenship, age, experience of the agency about the relevant product, digital performance of the agency, agency’s customer satisfaction score, working hours, agency performance are processed by the machine learning that operates within the system, and are reprocessed in due course as the system learns more, creating much more appropriate match-ups for the insured. Our insured customer makes his/her choice of agency from among the list of agencies provided by the system, and then the selected agency reaches out directly. Hence, the person in need of a insurance does not receive service from a sales-oriented “Agent” that he/she does not see or recognize, but from a Quick Insurance agency, who is an expert in his/her field. They receive an extremely important consulting service for free. In this way, there is now an agency that the consumer can always reach.

How did the pandemic period effect this project Mrs. Guzey? And did the sector take an interest in this project?

The project has two main goals. The first goal is to respond to the needs of our insured who cannot leave their homes due to the pandemic and who are not used to online channels yet need insurance. The second goal is to enable our agencies to reach new customers, which they have very hard time accomplishing during the pandemic period. In this sense, we act as a go-between for our policyholders and our agencies, bringing them together online. Thus, we have found solutions to the problems faced by our insured as well as our agencies during the pandemic period, by ensuring that our clients get an uninterrupted end-to-end service without leaving their homes and by enabling our agencies to reach new customers.

Materialization of this project showed our agencies how sincere we are about digitizing them and that in fact we have never deviated from our perspective on digitalization since day one. It was also an important step in terms of the digitalization of the insurance sector. It makes us very happy that the digital climate we have created at Quick Sigorta is appreciated both domestically and abroad. A well-designed end-to-end customer experience in every channel becomes more and more important for the companies with each passing year. Following the introduction of our “Not an Agent, but an Agency” project, at a European-wide conference held by Efma, the world's largest non-profit banking and insurance organization, our project attracted the attention of Dai-ichi Life, one of Japan's largest insurance companies, and we came together with them to talk about this project as well as any possible future collaborations, and shared our experiences.

We had foreseen the interest this project would draw after we received the Sardis innovation awards this year. We had received the Sardis awards for the first phase of this project, but now our project is complete and running smoothly.

Does Quick Sigorta have other digital projects in the pipeline?

Digitalization is a journey. Our main objectives are to constantly follow the technological advancements, varying consumer needs, varying demands of stakeholders and the everchanging conditions, and provide solutions to them in the digital world. We are trying not just to provide solutions to the current needs of our stakeholders, but also to anticipate their future needs, which even they may not have realized yet. Therefore, we are constantly working on new projects together with our affiliated company Insurtechler. The essence of the matter is that when you are making no headway in the digitalization process, you are actually falling behind.

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