Fintech Friday: Monuma – a blockchain-based insurance appraisal

Emmanuel Moyrand, founder & CEO of Monuma, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about his company’s plug and play tool that is changing the way appraisal works.

Fintech Friday: Monuma – a blockchain-based insurance appraisal

What led to the creation of Monuma?

We had formed a clear vision of what insurance appraisal will look like in the world of tomorrow. Prior methods involved a human expert and they were old fashioned, complex, expensive, and hard to contact. We felt that this process was badly outdated and needed to evolve for the digital world we inhabit. The new appraisal process would be digitally certified and 24/7 worldwide. In two words, we built a digital tool, a plug and play for insurers and banks to be able to offer valuations for luxury and fine art goods in one click.

Could you present Monuma's offer?

Monuma is an Insurtech that offers a plug and play blockchain system to enhance the underwriting process and the claims process for insurers, banks, and industries. We have a number of different apps that use our advanced claims technology.

We were the first blockchain app in 2018 dedicated to luxury and fine art pieces. With our solution, you could have an art appraiser in your pocket 24/7 worldwide. Our second blockchain app in 2019 was dedicated to transport and supply chains. It also included human audit and analysis. Our blockchain umbrella web app included a virtual tour and blockchain audit of industrial sites.

What's coming next for Monuma?

We were recognized with awards by Efma twice, in 2018 and 2020. But we aren’t satisfied and we are now expanding internationally this year.

We are in the process of raising the funds needed for our expansion plans. Fundraising is well under with a strong Series A. As mentioned, we are improving our tool so that it can adapt to every kind of client. By combining the digital certifier and the expert audit system, we can deliver valuations via an approved human at the end of the chain. Our tools are not limited by time or space, meaning we plan to scale them across the globe.

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