Discover the team behind Mox Bank, a new virtual bank in Hong Kong

An impressive, international team is behind Hong Kong's hottest new entrant in the digital banking space.

Discover the team behind Mox Bank, a new virtual bank in Hong Kong

Mox is a new virtual bank in Hong Kong backed by Standard Chartered, one of Hong Kong’s oldest note-issuing bank with over 160 years of experience in serving the community, in partnership with the city’s telecom and lifestyle leader HKT, PCCW as well as Asia’s largest online travel agency

Launched in September 2020, in just a few months the bank has already notched some impressive achievements. IDC awarded Mox with the DX Gamechanger title at their annual IDC Digital Transformation Awards 2020 Hong Kong.  In the highly competitive retail banking segment, Mox now has more than 60,000 customers (as of 18 December 2020), with customers ranging from 18 to over 90. They were the first in the region to introduce an all-in-one numberless bank card and brought innovative, smarter ways for customers to  bank, save, and spend. All of these were achieved through a truly international team of heroes who work tirelessly behind-the-scenes to bring Mox to Hong Kong.

Hassan Reda

Hassan Reda is currently the Tribe Lead for the customer lifecycle agile squads at Mox Bank. Hassan started as a Product Owner for Onboarding and Identity at Mox. While at Standard Chartered Bank, he has held business management positions in the Group Retail COO and Group Retail CEO team. Hassan speaks English, French, and Arabic and has worked in the USA and various countries in the Middle East and Asia.

For Hassan, building a startup bank from scratch has been very exciting and provided a steep learning curve. He was lucky enough to hold different positions to support the bank right up to its launch: Operations Architect, Product Owner for Onboarding and Identity and finally, Tribe Lead for customer squad. The role includes getting involved in drafting the virtual banking license, process design, UI/UX design, and implementing the journeys. The greatest challenge, and the most rewarding one, was implementing their joint Mox vision, and delivering the ultimate customer experience that users wanted from their bank and win their heart share.

Chris Ashe

Chris Ashe is the Chief Technology Officer and Enablement Tribe Lead. With 20 years of IT and banking experience, he's leading the bank’s architecture and engineering teams in delivering fresh and delightful banking experiences with best-of-breed technologies. Prior to Mox, Chris launched Tandem Bank in the UK, worked on Australia’s online banking platform NetBank, online stockbroking platform CommSec and the largest background checking system, First Advantage.

Chris is responsible for building a high performing team, while providing technical guidance and direction to our delivery teams. The systems we develop need to delight our customers and be flexible, reliable, secure, and performant. When starting with a clean slate like they did at Mox, it's not just technology that needs to be built, but also people, processes, and partnerships. The main challenges have been developing a new core banking platform while simultaneously creating a sustainable organization, moving quickly without compromising on quality, and balancing the delivery of customer needs with our regulatory and statutory obligations.

Chris Knowles

Chris Knowles is the Head of Platform at Mox . He is a cloud technology enthusiast with 15 years of software engineering experience mainly in startups outside of the finance sector; spanning platforms and APIs, software development and architecture, project management and partner engagement. Chris is dedicated to delivering great, innovative products built with brilliant technologies using modern techniques.

His role has been to bootstrap Mox, a cloud-first virtual bank, from the ground up. He was specifically more focused on the cloud infrastructure and ways to deliver software into those environments. Over the last two years, building a team plus a platform and product all at the same time has been an interesting and positive challenge. They are consistently looking for ways to improve as they grow and evolve.

Burak Ceviz

Burak Ceviz is a Product Tribe Leader with 15 years of digital and self-service banking experience. He worked at HSBC Bank Turkey, Garanti Bank, and Odeabank before joining Mox. He ensures the business requirements of the bank are met and customer journeys are delivered with high-level standards.

A major challenge for Burak was prioritizing the development of each product and service request. Naturally, everyone in the bank wants to accomplish their best-in-class solution in a short period of time, which necessitates the bank to select and define which are the most valuable product or service for customers. This requires very detailed planning including product capability and delivery times and also involves cross-squad dependencies to achieve that output.

Andre van Schalkwyk

Andre van Schalkwyk is Head of Delivery and Business Effectiveness and his primary focus is to deliver new banking products to customers. Andre has had experience over the last five years in building digital and virtual banks across Africa and Asia. He previously led the Product and Design teams of TymeBank, the first fully digital bank in South Africa. Prior to that, he spent several years with Deloitte and traditional lenders Barclays and Standard Bank.

One of the biggest challenges for Andre has been building and running a digital bank with a diverse, geographically dispersed team across several time zones and the challenges of Covid-19.

Cathy To

With more than four years of experience under her belt as a UX Designer, Cathy To’s career started as a visual designer at an advertising agency in Hong Kong, handling branding and graphic design for both online and offline advertising campaigns. She then started working as UX/ UI designer at Ming Pao Magazines – a leading lifestyle and entertainment media company for its website and digital branding revamp project.

Cathy works closely with the product owners to translate business objectives into user-centric design through applying research, user journeys, prototyping, and design improvements from user feedback. Mox is delivered to the customer as an app. Thus it is a challenge to convert complicated banking services into a simple and intuitive customer experience journey, while creating cohesive experience and visual language concurrently, all within short time constraints.

Janet Sin

Janet Sin joined Mox in Aug 2018 as an Operations Architect during the bank’s license application stage.  She worked closely with multiple teams at Mox in establishing the framework of many key operations and processes. Janet is now leading the banking operations teams; taking on this role when the bank moved from its "build" to the "run" stage.

For Janet, the main challenge running the Operations team at Mox is setting up a cost-effective operating model that is flexible enough to cater to the fast-changing business processes and volume spikes. There’s also the need to establish a feedback loop with their Product and Business teams to continuously streamline the processes and improve customer experience.  

Donald Tse

As one of Mox’s founding team members, Donald’s passion has always been finding the perfect balance between innovation and cybersecurity. He’s had extensive experience in shaping and implementing business and technology risk strategies for many global banks. As a CPA and CISA, he offers a multidisciplinary approach bridging the gap between banking, cybersecurity, and technology risk.

For Donald, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to define, and redefine, what was formerly a very clunky risk infrastructure of the bank. Applying a more proactive cyber risk management culture with newer, emerging technology tools, they have transformed the infrastructure with a risk-intelligent approach. One of the key challenges is striking a balance of simplicity and convenience of the app, while upholding the gold standard in data protection and cybersecurity.


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