SME at a glance: expert views on the news

The newest Efma podcast looks at the most interesting news in the SME banking industry. 

SME at a glance: expert views on the news

In the December episode of Efma’s newest podcast, SME at a glance: Expert views on the news, Efma’s SME expert Lukas Dzuroska interviews Esra Kivrak. Esra is a financial services strategy advisor with years of SME banking experience at top financial institutions in the MENA region. The two take a look at the most recent news in the world of SME banking and Esra provides her expert POV on how and why these things are happening. 

This episode looks at the way the traditional sales and service business models are being approached in new and interesting ways. Top financial institutions, such as Deutsche Bank, are rethinking the way they serve their SME clients, and that is reflected in the way they are reorganizing their business models. “Enterprises are experiencing a transfer from physical to digital infrastructure, more rapidly than ever before,” says Kivrak. Below are some of the highlights:

- Deutsche Bank are revamping their operations for business clients by combining multiple offerings for different-sized businesses into a single, focused Biz Banking offering, reflecting a renewed focus on SME banking
- Santander Bank in the USA opened their first working café in Brooklyn, NY, with a suite of services for SME clients
- Ant Group launched an international trade and financial services platform, facilitating global SME business operations
- In the UK, Lloyds Bank rolled out a supply chain platform that will offer supplier financing and receivables for their customers, all accessible from a digital dashboard

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