Supporting SMEs in a time of crisis

How are banks helping their SME customers throughout the Covid-19 crisis? What are some of their key initiatives? And how have digital tools been key to their responses? In this series of interviews, Lukas Dzuroska, Head of the Efma SME banking community, asks these questions and more to different regional leaders in SME Banking. All of these outstanding banks are nominees for the special Covid-19 category of Efma-Mastercard's very first SME Banking Awards.

Supporting SMEs in a time of crisis

Supporting British SMEs throughout the pandemic
Ian Workman, Managing Director and Co-Head of SME UK at Barclays, details how the bank has provided vital support to its SME customers during this challenging period.

Providing critical support to Canadian SMEs throughout the pandemic
Jean-Yves Bourgeois, the newly announced Executive Vice-President of Business Services at Desjardins, details how the bank has relied on its communal values to be proactive in serving its SME customers during this challenging period.

Digital banking solutions for Malaysian SMEs in need
Ernest Kwong Kah Wah, Group Chief SME Banking Officer at Alliance Bank Malaysia, spoke with Efma’s Lukas Dzuroska about his bank’s wide range of digital tools that have helped serve business customers this year.

Delivering much needed support to South African SMEs
Simone Cooper, Head of Business Banking at Standard Bank in South Africa, spoke with Efma’s Lukas Dzuroska about how the pandemic has served as a catalyst for the bank’s transition to easy and digital banking.

Supporting Indonesian SMEs in a time of crisis
Henry Koenaifi, Director of BCA Indonesia, illustrates how his bank is staying relevant and delivering key support to SME customers through a variety of digital solutions.

Embracing digital to support SMEs in Dubai
Dhiraj Kunwar, Managing Director of Business Banking at RAKBANK, details how the digital tools they had developed pre-Covid made it only a matter of customer adoption once the pandemic struck.

How digital banking is helping Mauritian SMEs face the crisis
Dominic Provençal, Head of Business Banking at Mauritius Commercial Bank, spoke with Efma’s Lukas Dzuroska about how their business customers are taking advantage of all the digital tools at their disposal.

Pandemic has sped up digital business banking adoption in Brazil
Marcelo Henrique Toledo Santos, Head of Digital Business Banking at Banco Itau in Brazil, describes the range of aid intitiatives developed by the bank to help its SME customers during this crisis.

TBC Bank: A prompt response for SMEs in Georgia
Natia Vacharadze, Tribe Lead of Business Segment Management at TBC Bank in Georgia, spoke with Efma’s Lukas Dzuroska about the bank’s ability to smoothly transition to remote work while continuing a high level of service for their customers.

Sberbank: “Our objective is to help businesses regain the ground they lost during the pandemic”
Anna Loevskaya, Director of Sberbank’s Digital Corporate Bank Division, talks to Efma about the bank’s interaction with corporate customers during the coronavirus pandemic and the measures taken to support entrepreneurs. 

SR-Bank: Assisting Norwegian SMEs during the crisis
Arild Langberg Johannessen, Director of Digital SME at SR-Bank in Norway, discussed with Efma’s Lukas Dzuroska the ways his bank went the extra mile for their SME customers.

Backing Nordic SMEs during the pandemic
Sofie Larsson, Nordic Head of Segment SME at Swedbank, spoke with Efma’s Lukas Dzuroska about how her institution has navigated the COVID-19 crisis.

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