Digital transformation in the workplace

In 2020, financial institutions have experienced significant transformation in all parts of the business. Across the world, we’ve seen technology improve employee productivity, accelerate workplace modernization, enhance collaboration, improve productivity and agility, and provide secure data access. 

Digital transformation in the workplace

The financial services industry's greatest assets are employees, who are the heartbeat of operations and the direct link to customers. 

Whether onsite or remote, employees with the right tools are more effective, better able to collaborate across the organization to address business needs and serve customers. In times of a crisis, workplace flexibility and safety are critical.

To learn more about digital transformation in the workplace, soon you can watch the replay of our session, “Building the workforce of the future” from the EfmaLIVE Series on Nov. 11. with Jenni Rantakari, GM of Modern Work at Microsoft, who spoke about how technology has helped banks reimagine collaboration and productivity. In addition, Rantakari participated in a roundtable and Q&A panel with ING Group and Standard Bank.

We will be publishing more content on this topic in January 2021. If you are interested, you can register to take part in our upcoming survey and share your point of view. 

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