Fintech Friday: Marstone – humanizing finance for the average investor

Margaret Hartigan, CEO and Founder, Marstone, Inc., spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about her company’s financial inclusion solutions that open up investing to a broader group of people.

Fintech Friday: Marstone – humanizing finance for the average investor

What led to the creation of Marstone?

We created Powered by Marstone to solve the three major challenges facing our industry: a lack of financial literacy and tools that humanize finance for the average investor; antiquated technology systems that hinder advisor productivity and customer engagement; and a lack of digital solutions that enable businesses to attract new clients and retain existing assets.

Could you present Marstone's offer?

Powered by Marstone™ is our flexible and customizable automated investing platform that allows wealth managers, banks, insurance companies, and financial institutions of all sizes to retain assets, attract new business, and deepen their relationships with customers.

The platform features comprehensive integrations with custodians including Apex Clearing, Pershing, and Interactive Brokers, as well as multiple core banking systems providers including Fiserv, account aggregation tools, and investment managers such as BlackRock. We’re unique from our B2B2C and B2C competitors in that we’ve integrated with so many custodians and technological frameworks, and because we’re able to meet our clients where they are and sit on top of their existing technology systems seamlessly.

A financial institution could take years to build its own robo-advisory solution. By partnering with Marstone, it can be up and running in a fraction of that time, reducing potential customer attrition and staying current with contemporary product offerings. Additionally, our fully paperless platform frees financial advisors from back office tasks, allowing them to spend more time engaging directly with customers and tackle other, more complex wealth needs.

At the core of our mission is to enhance financial inclusion and decode finance for all people. Our platform does that through its design, clear language, and beautiful visualizations of financial concepts.

What's coming next for Marstone?

Over the coming months, we’ll be announcing some big partnerships that we’re incredibly excited about. In addition, we’re developing a financial planning platform that will fit seamlessly into Marstone’s existing offering. We recognize that while not everyone is ready to invest, most are eager to better understand their financial life.

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