Fintech Friday: ebankIT – enabling rapid deployment of digital banking tools

Efma's Boris Plantier spoke with ebankIT CEO Renato Oliveira about his company’s out-of-the-box solution that banks all over the world are using to launch new projects.

Fintech Friday: ebankIT – enabling rapid deployment of digital banking tools

What led to the creation of ebankIT?

ebankIT was founded in 2014 to shape the digital banking experience through a platform with out-of-the-box omnichannel capabilities, helping its customers to be one step ahead at a fraction of the cost, time, and effort. The company was created by a group of technology consultants, specialized in the financial services sector, and with deep experience in retail banking. We started the ebankIT omnichannel platform' development two years before the launch of ebabnkIT, after identifying and analyzing the needs of banks and credit unions during the process of digital transformation.

Could you present ebankIT's offer?

ebankIT develops a leading omnichannel digital banking platform to enable banks and credit unions to run lean, run smart, and innovate fast. It allows financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation process by ensuring their digital success while reducing their time-to-market response and increasing their digital sales and product conversion rates. All this is done with reduced transaction costs and more flexible and agile business models, thus guaranteeing our customers greater versatility to overcome any obstacle.

The ebankIT platform is at the heart of our complete omnichannel digital banking solution. Once connected to the core banking system, our software provides customers with self-serve solutions, from internet banking to mobile banking or watch banking. It also provides staff with back office, branch front office, and contact center tools to deliver world-class customer service. It is secure, robust, highly scalable, and deployment-ready, both on cloud and on-premises. Implemented by our partner network, our solutions can be configurable or highly customizable to achieve the best differentiation in the market, allowing the financial institution to be a leader in the digital channels. Our product has helped retail and corporate financial institutions rapidly deploy world-class dynamic banking solutions for both their customers and in-house teams.

What's coming next for ebankIT?

We are very optimistic about the future. ebankIT has been consolidating its positioning and is recognized as a market leader in digital transformation. The digital world is accelerating and, now more than ever, being agile, accessible, and prepared for change is inevitable. We are ready to continue helping financial institutions transform and embrace digital.

We are a global company with clients in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Over the past two years, our focus was to increase our footprint in the Canadian market. Currently, we are ready to jump to the US, and we are focused on building relationships and entering the market.

The Finovate Awards for “Best of Show” and “Best Fintech Partnership,” as well as the recognition by Gartner and Ovum, are a sign that we are heading in the right direction and that we are offering a high-quality product. 

We focus our efforts in research and development to create innovative solutions and also on developing new features and listening to what the market needs so we can always deliver more and better. Our team will continue to grow strong. We moved into a new and improved office, prepared to accommodate our expansion and future needs. We are currently present on five different continents, with over sixty projects deployed.

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