Discover the team behind Sberbank’s Navigator Platform

Sberbank’s Navigator Platform is an omni-channel tool and bank employees and customers can use it on smartphones, tablets, or a desktop. Let's take a look at the team behind this innovation.

Discover the team behind Sberbank’s Navigator Platform

Sberbank is Russia’s leading bank. As they were in the process of identifying a vendor to help the bank better visualize and analyze the massive amounts of data they receive on a daily basis, they encountered problems. Some vendors charged high license fees. Others did not offer mobility and/or flexible models out-of-the-box. Still others showed severe performance issues with the vast amounts of data. None of the solutions met all their requirements.

So, the bank decided on a different approach: they would make their own data visualization platform from scratch. The result was the Navigator Platform. Navigator visualizes data, helps make data-driven decisions, answers questions, spots trends, identifies business opportunities, and simplifies the analytical chain for each and every participant of the process. The solution includes a fully customizable user interface, flexible role model, and multi-language interface. Navigator Platform is an omni-channel tool and bank employees and customers can use it on smartphones, tablets, or a desktop. It took just a little over a year for the team to design and develop the tool (Read the full case study).

As with any successful product launch, there was a strong team that brought it to life. Let’s take a look at the team behind this impressive new tool at Sberbank:

Aleksandr Kirillov

Aleksandr is the chief product owner (CPO) of the Navigator Platform. Using his 18+ years of experience in IT and banking, he is continuously working on building top-of-the-line data analytics, discovery, and visualization platform together with his team both for Sberbank itself and for corporate customers.

For Aleksandr, the main challenge was (and still is) finding the right balance between the needs of internal clients and external clients / market. Everyone cannot be happy – it is always a matter of compromise but the Agile approach is helping manage priorities dynamically and receive first results as fast as possible.

Denis Zabelin 

Denis is a Project Manager in the Finance Department at the bank. He has 15 years of experience in building business intelligence solutions in banking and telecom as a developer, architect and project manager. Over the years he has worked on more than 20 different project implementations for companies in Russia, Kazakhstan, and the UK.

By the time Denis joined the Navigator product team, it was already a sluggish project within the bank which had been implemented for about 5 years and had less than 100 users. They were faced with a large and difficult task of a complete reboot of the product and one of the key factors for future success was the transformation of the team and the transition from conventional project management to more efficient Agile.

Sergey Lyaper 

Sergey is the Visual Analytics Systems Leader with 13+ years of working experience in business analytics development and implementation.

Historically, the bank used many analytical systems from various vendors that did not cover all the requirements for visualizing management information or were expensive. The main challenge was to develop an information system that would surpass each analytical system used in the bank in terms of functionality, technologies and lower TCO. It had to be capable of satisfying the requests of the bank's management for an internal business intelligence solution with a clear and convenient interface with a limited budget and strict requirements for cybersecurity, failure resistance and automation of the development process.

Daniil Checheta

Daniil is the Analytics Practice Leader and product owner in the Department of Technologies. He has joined Sberbank team in late 2016 as a lead analyst developing financial business intelligence systems, including Sberbank Group and ecosystem data visualization and analytical report engine.

Daniil’s team made the components of this platform highly customizable in prior and reusable for any business applications in other companies. They develop UX-oriented tools, which allow easy configuration of the platform.

Alexey Krupinevich 

Alexey is the iOS Development Practice Leader and product owner in the Department of Technologies. He had worked as a Head of IT departments in Russia since 2012, first at a wholesale food company, then for a TV channel. Developing mobile apps for iOS was primarily just a hobby. In 2016, he joined the Sberbank team as a mobile application developer. He has been involved in the support and development of seven financial applications for Sberbank.

One of the key achievements in Navigator was creating a multichannel mechanism for setting up dashboards on widgets, which implements most of the functionality.


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