Customer-centric banking in times of crisis

In a new video series, Michael Ruckman, President and CEO of Senteo, interviewed Efma CEO John Berry about ways to ensure your financial institution is customers in these turbulent times.

Customer-centric banking in times of crisis

This year, financial institutions all over the world have had to throw out traditional ways of working and delivering their services to customers. The Covid-19 pandemic has created an unprecedented set of challenges. Amidst this crisis, some banks might be forgiven for slipping from their usual standards. However, the present crisis is a chance for banks to focus even more on solving problems for their customers, said Efma CEO John Berry in his recent discussion with Michael Ruckman, President and CEO of Senteo.

In a wide-ranging conversation, the two leaders discuss how so many financial institutions often neglect the great customer service in favor of cold, hard numbers. FIs ought to be “Making life easier and enabling customers to achieve what they want to achieve for themselves and their families,” according to Berry.

A long history of working in the financial services industry has taught both men the importance of placing the customer experience above all other KPIs. In his work consulting financial institutions with Senteo, Mr. Ruckman has recognized that banks often misunderstand their customers. What they consistently seek is “Help solving problems, help realizing goals, and help improving quality of life.” While those can be more difficult to measure, they are ultimately the metrics by which banks will set themselves apart from their competitors.

One thing is clear though, according to Berry, “Those institutions that have invested in their digital offerings in previous years have certainly put themselves in the best position to succeed going forward in a world where Covid is present.”

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