Third SME banking podcast focuses on efficient ways of working

Nikoloz Kurdiani is the deputy CEO at TBC Bank Georgia. He spoke with Efma’s Lukas Dzuroska about a wide range of topics, from the importance of Agile to how he scaled Kilimanjaro earlier this year.

Third SME banking podcast focuses on efficient ways of working

When it comes to the country of Georgia, small and medium-sized enterprises are the source of over 60% of employment. These companies are critical to the economic success of the country. Behind any successful company is a bank that provides the necessary financial support and tools to compete in the global economy. So, to further discuss SME banking and the way it is evolving in the Covid era, Efma’s SME banking expert Lukaz Dzuroska spoke with Nikoloz Kurdiani. Mr. Kurdiani is an executive at TBC Bank in Georgia and a nominee for 2020 SME Banker of the Year.

In this latest installment of the Efma-Mastercard SME Banking podcast, the two talk about the biggest changes that have taken place in the SME banking space over the past 20 years. “SME’s are asking for services from banks which would not have previously been considered part of the banking value chain. For example, we developed our own invoicing and payroll services for our customers,” said Mr. Kurdiani.

These new services, previously outside of a bank’s expertise, are necessary support for burgeoning companies. According Mr. Kurdiani, “SME’s are the ones who eventually grow into the biggest companies. With banks’ help and support, they are able to do that. We are the ones that can finance that crucial growth.”

They also touched upon business models and how an Agile way of working has transformed the way TBC Bank operates on a daily basis. “Agile is the most effective organizational method and management setup that I have seen so far,” said Mr. Kurdiani. He credits Agile with giving his team and institution an edge over their competitors.  

Lukas and Nikoloz discuss much more throughout their conversation. Download the podcast now.


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