Banco Bradesco: engaging with Millennials

Efma feature

06 July 2020

Newest edition of Efma’s Champion Series looks at the Brazilian bank and its innovative approach to marketing.

Companies are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to engage with their customers and create brand loyalty. Banks are no different and often face even bigger hurdles to connecting with their customers given common associations. Traditional banks are responsible stewards of people’s finances. But diverse, inclusive, and cool? Those are traits that are reserved for apparel or soft drink brands.

In Brazil, Bradesco has succeeded in flipping the script. In the latest installment of our Champions Series, we look at Bradesco’s diversity and marketing initiatives over the past few years. With their “Allied by Respect” campaign, a Cannes-award winning video, and a Lollapalooza interactive marketing sponsorship, Bradesco is demonstrating how banks can lead with their values and market in unique ways that connect with millennials.

One of our primary goals at Efma is to facilitate knowledge sharing and so we knew immediately that we wanted to tell the story of Bradesco. We spoke with senior members of the bank who were behind these promotional campaigns in order to better understand how they delivered on the execution to create that most coveted thing: customer engagement. By creating meaningful, effective, and engaging content, Bradesco has proven that financial services providers need not be restrained in their creative ventures. We hope that this report provokes and inspires new ideas on how to reach the next generation of customers.

To read about how they did it, download your copy of the report here!

Keywords : Youth , Digital marketing

Geography : Brazil