New report with NGDATA highlights possibilites of AI

With banks adjusting to a new landscape, this report examines the ways AI is changing banking operations.

New report with NGDATA highlights possibilites of AI

As decisionmakers are faced with a dramatically altered banking landscape, many are asking themselves whether now is the time to undergo a major digital transformation. In Efma’s latest report, co-produced with NGDATA, we look at AI technology, best practices, and some helpful use cases. Efma senior advisor Rudradeb Mitra goes into detail about his conversations with banking executives from all over the globe. He also provides a roadmap for managers to follow as they put these tools into action.

We also spoke with managers from BNP Paribas Fortis to better understand how AI tools are viewed from the industry side of the ledger. Xavier Latte, Director of Digital Performance and Data and Leen Teunen, Head of Marketing, Retail and Private banking discussed their approach to AI implementation. “AI techniques allow us to optimize our approach and propose to our customers a service that could potentially better fit with a specific need,” said Teunen.

This report will help shed light on a topic that is so often talked about in the financial services industry but sometimes misunderstood. Ultimately, AI tools are playing a key role in enhancing the customer experience. This is where NGDATA comes into play by providing the necessary intelligence that unlocks the true value of AI. In the report, they outline the various methods by which financial institutions can use the latest technology to deliver new value to their customers.

Banks that use AI to understand, predict, and empower their customers will garner deeper customer loyalty and satisfaction. If you are considering introducing AI tools at your financial institution, you will want to read this report to help you on your journey.

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