Following 2,700+ votes, FinTechVisor ceremony to crown this year’s winners

The Efma-Capgemini Financial NewTech Challenge will announce its winners next month.

Following 2,700+ votes, FinTechVisor ceremony to crown this year’s winners

The Challenge, powered by FinTechVisor, provided an opportunity for NewTechs and financial institutions to showcase their collaborative business solutions to an elite panel of experts and industry influencers. On May 28th, at 2pm CEST / 8am EDT / 8pm SGT, this year’s winners will be announced during a live virtual ceremony.

The FinTechVisor community is vibrant and filled with both boundary-pushing start-ups and incumbent banks who recognize the power of collaboration. This will be an excellent opportunity for the FinTech community to come together during these exceptional times and recognize the best in the industry. In addition, the NewTech watchlist for the upcoming year will be announced.

Despite this year’s unique conditions, the contest still received a large number of applicants. Across all categories, Efma received 164 Fintech solutions & Bank + NewTech collaborations. 70 were shortlisted as nominees from which 900+ voters picked 7 winners. The finalists from each category are below:

fintech_challenge_table1.JPG (72 KB)
fintechch20_table3-4.JPG (83 KB)
FinTechVisor is a unique global platform that enables tech firms to present their products and empowers them with an interactive matchmaking tool, connecting them with potential industry partners. Our finalists come from all over the globe and are companies and institutions that are rethinking financial services with flexible, disruptive, and customer-focused tools. The winners will receive exclusive mentorship from Capgemini and an invitation to join the Capgemini ScaleUp Qualification program.

As we all know, during this period of confinement, connection is more important than ever, and the same is true for financial innovation. This competition is further promoting the best partnerships that are fueling industry-wide innovation. You can check out the event page here. We look forward to seeing everyone on May 28th.