Fintech Friday: Finturi

Johannes Brouwer, CEO of Finturi, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about his company’s origins.

Fintech Friday: Finturi

What led to the creation of Finturi?

80% of our current team worked together at a company that makes a bookkeeping system. That is where we started experimenting with Blockchain and AI technology in the supply chain finance space. We saw that it is very difficult for SME to get financed and started thinking about how we could help them using this new technology. That’s when we decided to set up Finturi.

Could you present Finturi's solution?

Finturi is a Dutch startup that brings to the market - a new way of invoice financing. Finturi connects businesses with financiers and helps businesses borrow money against invoices. It provides financiers with a platform where they can lend money to businesses and earn honest returns in a short period. Finturi uses technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence to make invoice financing secure, low-cost, quick and easy.

This is a short video explaining our process:

What's coming next for Finturi?

We want to expand internationally and extend our functionality to other assets beyond supply chains. We will also focus on using PSD2 to get better risk scores.

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