Leverage AI to improve lending conversions by 20%

Efma feature

04 February 2020

Upcoming webinar and report will explore how AI tools can help financial institutions greatly increase their conversion rates.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are having major impacts in the world of financial services. From chatbots to automating application processes, financial institutions are recognizing the benefits of cutting-edge tools in delivering personalized experiences to their customers. But delivering personalized customer experiences at scale is a challenge facing all organizations.

However, from lead management to loan fulfillment and servicing, to collection and fraud detection, there are opportunities throughout the lending value chain. That’s where Edgeverve comes in. Edgeverve has developed FinXEdge Lend and Collect, powerful AI tools that can help lenders with the entire lending value chain. 

In a brand new report, Efma spoke with leading bankers who work in the lending space to better understand how they are implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning to eliminate processes, better source leads, and reduce fraud. Across the board, banks listed effective lead prioritization as their number one priority when it comes to the lending process.

Yet, in their responses, the bankers admitted to limited machine learning implementation in their lead prioritization processes. While there is considerable push to be more sophisticated from top leadership, the speed of change is often slow.

To go along with the launch of the report, Efma and Edgeverve are hosting a webinar that will take a deeper look at optimizing the lending and collecting processes. Ashish Khandelwal, Product Management Director, and Praveen Kombial, Global Product Head for Business Applications, of Edgeverve, will interview the CEO of Nagelmackers Bank in Belgium, Tim Rooney, about his bank’s lending practices.

They will discuss real life challenges in the current lead management process and the role Edgeverve tools can play in enhancing the experience for customers and employees alike. This webinar will demonstrate how artificial intelligence and FinXEdge can help make the lending process more efficient and improve chances of conversion.

Join our Efma-Edgeveve webinar in April 2020.

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