Fintech Friday: Dot

Gray Stern, CEO and Co-Founder of Dot Residential, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how his company is becoming a one stop shop for people on the buy-to-rent journey.

Fintech Friday: Dot

What led to the creation of Dot?

I previously co-founded the buy-to-let mortgage lender Landbay and saw firsthand how disjointed and broken the UK property market was. Whilst there are great product and service providers (like Landbay) innovating and making each part of the transaction as efficient as possible, no one had brought all of these solutions together seamlessly onto one platform.

Dot's goal is to curate and tightly control these best-in-class partners across every step of the property lifecycle and lay them side-by-side. By controlling the vertical we believe that we can deliver a much better experience for investors and deliver savings from efficiencies that can be reinvested back into the home themselves, ultimately delivering a higher standard of rental property to tenants.

What is Dot's offer?

We are a one stop shop for global property investors looking to deploy capital into fast-growing rental markets where yields are strong. We curate compelling opportunities, and then help our investors acquire, improve and manage these properties in line with their chosen strategy. We aim to be the only point of contact through the process, using technology to link best-in-class partners at each step of the transaction. Our end goal is to deliver a high-quality investment and a great home for tenants as efficiently as possible.

What's coming next for Dot?

We are perfecting our model in the Northern Powerhouse region of the UK (Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, and surrounding towns). We will expand into other regions progressively over 2020, and then internationally into markets like Texas, Florida, and Georgia in the US.

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