Fintech Friday: Elinvar

CEO and Co-Founder Chris Bartz spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how the company has developed a suite of tools that empower asset and wealth managers to deliver best-in-class individualization.

Fintech Friday: Elinvar

What led to the creation of Elinvar?

Digitalization offers tremendous opportunities in asset and wealth management. My two co-founders and I have been working in the financial industry for several years and shared similar experiences and assessments. Trustworthy relationships and excellent financial knowledge will remain the core competencies of asset and wealth managers. But digitalization lifts the expectations of clients regarding individualization to a much higher level.

At the same time the industry has been facing significant cost pressures for years. Modern technology offers the solution to both challenges. A shared, cloud-based tech platform with a flexible combination of applications increases efficiency while providing modern analytics, business intelligence and services to the benefit of asset and wealth managers as well as their clients. That is the core of Elinvar: enabling our partners to provide perfectly customized solutions for each of their clients at close to zero marginal costs.

Could you present Elinvar's offer?

Elinvar offers a Platform-as-a-Service that enables asset and wealth managers to digitalize their individual business models. Today, everyone is used to a high level of individualization. Even if you have a common smartphone, your phone is different to everyone else's. It is customized to your preferences – based on your settings, the apps you have chosen, and the ongoing analytics further enhancing your user experience.

This is exactly what we offer to our partners with our adaptive platform: They can individually select the services that are relevant for their business model. They can customize the entire platform, choosing from a wide range of applications for all key core processes, such as client relationship management, online and onsite onboarding, onsite advisory support, portfolio management or invoicing and reporting.

We of course ensure comprehensive and consistent data management and analytics. Across our complete offering we combine our leading technology with an optimal regulatory setup, as we hold all necessary BaFin licenses for the services we support.

What's coming next for Elinvar?

Our development is driven by the value we create for our partners. We will further expand our own offering of applications running on the platform while also increasing the capabilities of the platform itself. In addition, we want to continuously increase the range of third-party applications. For example, we have now integrated Tableau analytics, which allows an effortless and very flexible visualization of highly complex analytics to support business decisions and processes. In addition to the integration itself, we ensure the necessary data quality as well as the continuous compliance to maximize ease-of-use and value for our partners.

We will serve more partners with a growing range of business models. This includes multi-tenant solutions like what we have developed for Donner & Reuschel using our platform to expand their offering to independent discretionary portfolio managers. Backed by our shareholders, Ampega, finleap and Goldman Sachs, we are also beginning to internationalize our business. We are convinced that the best solutions arise through partnership. Maximizing the value for our partners in Germany and Europe will remain our top priority.

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