Efma launches Global Executive SME Banking Program

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03 December 2019

The new program features numerous initiatives that will connect and engage the global SME banking community.

SME banking is undergoing a transformation all over the world. Bankers require new means and methods to understand and adapt to a changing landscape. For this reason, Efma, as a global non-profit association for FSI professionals, is launching the Global Executive SME Banking Program, to connect SME bankers from all over the world.

Led by Efma’s own SME banking expert, Lukas Dzuroska, the program will include a number of ways for bankers to get involved. “The professional time of every banker is precious and they are overwhelmed daily by news, events, and offers in the SME financial space. We are very much aware of this and we will focus on what is most critical to their strategic decisions and support them in staying relevant and succeeding,” said Dzuroska.

The program will serve as a platform to engage with peers and experts. There will be monthly webinars on topical SME subjects. A podcast series will be hosted by Dzuroska where he will interview SME bankers from all over the globe. As a facilitator of meaningful professional connections, Efma is also organizing SME banking council meetings held three times a year at Efma member institutions throughout Europe and the flagship Efma event, the SME Banking Summit, taking place this year in June in Milan.

Finally, at the summit in Milan the first annual Efma Global SME Banking Awards will be held. The awards will recognize best-in-class SME offerings from all over the world. Everything is designed to promote and spread the best community intelligence to enable SME bankers to understand and take advantage of the latest trends.

Dzuroska outlined how this is only the beginning of Efma’s plans to be an essential part of an SME banker’s toolbox: “We plan to incorporate global leading partners into the program such as SME consultants, the biggest SME suppliers, IT providers, fintechs and even SME customers. We believe that as banks are dramatically transforming their value proposition to meet new customer needs, Efma can change the way SME financial executives monitor trends, exchange best practices and co-create the future together.”

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