A neobank from the countryside enters the French market

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19 November 2019

Moneway’s co-founder Noémie Nicod spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about her company’s unique headquarters location and what sets their neobank apart from competitors.

Could you please describe Moneway?

Moneway is a new French payment service. We offer a MasterCard debit card and a current account that can be managed and customized by the user through a free mobile application. Since the inception of Moneway, there has been a real desire to revolutionize the French banking sector by simplifying the daily life of our young users and giving them back full control over their finances. That's why our first offer is not only complete, but also free.

What does your company offer in terms of product and services?

Our users can open an account in minutes without any obligations. As a French payment service, we provide our users with a French IBAN and French BIC. This is a distinct advantage over our competitors. From our application, our users can manage many options and features, such as managing their card's ceiling and changing its code, enabling or disabling types of payment (foreign, contactless, etc.), sending money instantaneously to their friends, or even reading relevant details about their expenses. Everything is designed so as to simplify a customer’s daily life. 

Where is your headquarters located? 

Our headquarters is located in Villers-le-Lac, in the countryside of eastern France.

What factored into your decision to choose such a small town for your headquarters?

We are very attached to our home region. We wanted to contribute to and participate in its dynamism. Living and working in the countryside also increases the level of wellbeing in our lives. There is, indeed, less stress and the pace of life is calmer. In addition, and this may sound counterintuitive, but moving away from the big cities makes it possible to obtain better financing. This is of course a not insignificant advantage for a startup.

How many collaborators do you plan to attract in the near future?

We plan to attract around fifty collaborators by late 2020. 

How do you attract talent and employees with specialized skills in a rural area?

Well, it was certainly hard work at the start. Indeed, we had to innovate! To begin with, we have offered advantages such as working remote 50% of the time, a choice of equipment, the possibility of obtaining a TGV MAX card (to have free train tickets), and other similar benefits. Then, for developers, a profile very difficult to attract, we rented apartments in our town to offer them a very advantageous rent. Now, our startup is starting to become known and our modern organization, with a particular focus on wellbeing, attracts many people. We therefore have many spontaneous applications, even though we are in the countryside!

Moneway-Appartement.jpg (133 KB)
Moneway's apartment

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