Reshaping the Asian financial landscape

The 36th ABA General Meeting and Conference will take place on November 14-15, 2019 in Makati City, Philippines. It is the second time the conference will be held in the country with 13th largest economy in Asia. This year’s host will be Philippine National Bank.  

Reshaping the Asian financial landscape

Focusing on the theme “Reshaping the Asian Financial Landscape”, the two-day event is designed to provide a valuable platform for ABA members to exchange views with invited experts on current trends and developments in the regional and global markets that are expected to have a significant impact on the banking and financial sector of the region. Additionally, the conference will focus on how industry players can address the challenges - and take full advantage of the opportunities - presented by these developments.

Two of Efma’s senior advisors will be featured speakers at the event: Michael Lor and John Berry. Michael Lor will be discussing the future of banking. According to Michael, banking in the 2020’s “will be globally simple, multi-service, and cost-efficient. Customers will access their accounts via only their mobile devices, pay with only a tap on their wearables, and grow their wealth portfolio across borders using applications designed by an AI engine.”

Asia will be the key center of digital innovation where future banking will become truly seamless and borderless. Open-banking, artificial intelligence, and digital-only banks will be the main drivers of future banking developments. Banks that incorporate customer-driven intelligence into their operations will recognize revenue growth and profitability in the coming years.

Fintech companies are upending outdated business models and forcing all players into critical strategic choices as they navigate the current landscape. In order to understand this landscape, John Berry will speak on Phygital Distribution and the challenges of digital and physical distribution. Among the key trends he will touch on are the changing role of branches, growth in non-branch alternatives, and the choices facing banks due to varying customer segments and the costs of operating across multiple channels.

The ABA annual conferences are an effective platform for exchange of information and ideas as the meetings bring together top Asian bankers and key shareholders from around the region. The conference will serve as a great opportunity to see and understand up close the latest trends in retail banking innovations and digitalization.

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