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14 August 2019

This year’s upcoming Innovation Summit, taking place from 14 to 15 October in Paris, will bring together speakers from across the globe. Representing East Asia and here to share their fintech and innovation expertise are Thailand’s Sam Tanskul from Krungsri Finnovate and Japan’s Mitsunobu Okubo from Mizuho Financial Group.

How are fintechs changing life in South-East Asia?

Day 1 of Efma’s Innovation Summit will address hot topics such as phygital, payments and how to lead and manage innovation. In the afternoon session on neobanks and challenger banks, participants will have the opportunity to hear from Sam Tanskul, Krungsri Finnovate’s Managing Director.

With extensive experience in the financial industry, Tanskul now leads the latest subsidiary of Krungsri which focuses on technological innovation investment in Thailand and ASEAN. Krungsri Finnovate concentrates on three key areas: accelerator and academic collaboration; startup project management; and corporate venture capital.

Since 2014, Tanskul has been an integral part of Thailand’s startup ecosystem as one of the core members behind the success of ‘Krungsri Uni Startup’ – a platform for the young, creative generation to develop financial mobile apps in pursuit of their aspiration to be professional startups – and ‘Krungsri Rise’, the first fintech corporate accelerator in Thailand. He is also one of the board members of Thai Fintech Association.

Don’t know much about fintechs in South-East Asia? This is your chance to learn more! In his session, Tanskul will provide an overview of the leading fintechs in the region and reveal why ASEAN is so attractive to startups and investors. He will look at the biggest fintech successes, particularly in Thailand, and present a case study of a thriving fintech-bank collaboration in South-East Asia.

How can banks leverage AI, blockchain and APIs?

On Day 2 of the summit, Mitsunobu Okubo, Senior Digital Strategist in the Digital Innovation Department at Mizuho Financial Group, Inc, will take to the stage to share his experience in open innovation.

Responsible for strategy in digitalization and business promotion leveraging API as well as open innovation, Okubo’s 20+ years of experience in the financial industry includes banking technology planning and development to meet regulators’ requirements and utilization of cutting-edge technologies. He is also the current Chief Technology Officer of Blue Lab CO., Ltd.

Prior to working at Mizuho Bank, Okubo introduced public cloud technology into the banking sector. He is a co-founder of FINOVATORS which is a foundation for financial innovation ecosystem action as a mentor for fintech start-ups and lobbying to public sectors through collaboration with foreign fintech associations. Recently, he became a member of advisory board of Fintech Association Japan and an Executive Advisor to the Government CIO.

Eager to learn the ins and outs of open innovation? In his session, Okubo will discuss initiatives such as payments, corporate and private loans, trade finance, as well as collaboration with start-ups and different industries. Finally, he will share an insight into streamlining office work by leveraging AI/OCR and RPA, and a platform offering strategy for the above services.

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