Bank of Georgia Wealth unveils beautiful branch

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13 August 2019

Bank of Georgia challenged DINN! to redesign and transform their Wealth Headquarters. The result: a premium branch destination that perfectly communicates the Georgian heritage and modern values of the bank to high-class customers.

Located in Liberty Square in Tbilisi, Bank of Georgia is proud to have occupied this prime location since 1903 as the first bank branch in the country. This important historical touchpoint positions the bank within a thriving country full of opportunities, multicultural richness and a strong national pride.

With a distinctive visual identity combining its Georgian roots with a modern vision, this branch gives a “face to the bank” and links Bank of Georgia to national values, solidity and standing. The confidential and surprising experience is also designed to push word of mouth and drive brand awareness.

An exclusive experience

Upon entering the building, clients are greeted with a car valet service, before stepping into a private reception area. The welcome desk in the main lobby offers a concierge welcome providing amenities and information and a place for consultants to meet clients.

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“I am delighted that Bank of Georgia will continue to offer its superior wealth management services from this new office in the heart of Tbilisi. The opening of the office in such a historically significant and symbolic building in the capital coincides with a creation of a new brand identity of Bank of Georgia’s Wealth Management business, which is grounded on the virtues of both Georgia and the Bank. Bank of Georgia is innovative, experienced and a highly trustworthy financial partner in Georgia – all of which makes it best suited to become the regional hub for private banking,” says Archil Gachechiladze, CEO of Bank of Georgia.

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Enhancing the historical location

The project preserves as much of the richness of the historical building as possible. The stairs allow consultants and clients to step over the marble parapets and enter various meeting rooms of different sizes. The glass walls and curtains guarantee privacy during meetings.

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The Georgian treasure

Among other Georgian items in the branch (numismatic collections, art, musical instruments...) the '900 Austrian safe room hosts the most interesting and expensive Georgian wine, with the possibility to taste, buy and book a sommelier experience.

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In total, the Wealth HQ hosts 40 to 50 consultants, both in co-working and individual offices. The main lobby is used as a space for consultants to meet the clients.

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