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22 July 2019

As part of this summer’s ‘How Efma members are embracing sustainability’ series, Maria Antónia Saldanha, SIBS’ Brand and Communication Director, spoke to Efma about how the Portuguese bank’s ‘Ser Solidiário’ initiative has created an effortless way for MULTIBANCO network users to donate money to worthy causes.

"Ser Solidário" (‘Be Solidary’) is a SIBS initiative that facilitates fundraising through electronic payments. It is a service available in any ATM from the MULTIBANCO network, or with MB WAY, that allows citizens to make donations to social and humanitarian institutions in a simpler and reliable way, with no need to make donations with physical money,” said Maria Antónia Saldanha, Brand and Communication Director at SIBS.

Donating to charity has never been easier. Customers can use any of the 12,000 ATMS in the MULTIBANCO network across Portugal to carry out the donation. They simply have to insert their card into the cash machine, enter their pin code, select the ‘Transfers’ option and choose ‘Be Solidary’. Customers can then choose to which organization they wish to donate from a list of options, and specify the amount they would like to donate. The money is then transferred directly to the selected NGO or charity organization.

“It’s the safer and more secure way to make donations because you just need to know the name of the association that you want to help,” explained Saldanha.

The service is also available to the 1,500,000 users of MB WAY financial service Mobile application. Whichever of the two methods used, customers are guaranteed a free, reliable and secure service. Moreover, donations can be used for tax deduction purposes.

In 2018, ‘Be Solidary’ raised over €200,000 for 20 organizations. This year, 15 new organizations have been added to the list of charities that customers can choose to help, allowing them to make a real difference to a cause close to their heart.

For example, this initiative facilitated fundraising on a grand scale following the fires that struck the regions of Pedrógão, Figueiró dos Vinhos and Castanheira de Pêra in June 2017.

“In moments of crisis, such as the latest fires that damaged Portugal’s territory, this service was an enormous help to raise funds for the associations working locally because everyone could help very quickly and directly to them,” added Saldanha.

In March 2019, SIBS also made an appeal to its customers to donate through the ‘Be Solidary’ function to help those affected by cyclone Idai in Mozambique, which led to 400 deaths and left almost a million people homeless. Thanks to ‘Be Solidary’, donations are helping to bring food, drinking water, medicine and logistical support to the affected areas.

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