Isbank's AI-based personal assistant Maxi sucess story

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13 June 2019

One of the most important areas in which physical branches have an advantage over digital channels is in creating a personal touch during a conversation with customers. With the advent of AI and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, it has become possible to provide a human-like conversation experience in digital channels through personal assistants.

As a pioneer in Turkish digital banking, Isbank has built its own AI-based personal assistant called“Maxi”.

Maxi allows customers to communicate in their everyday language and perform advanced public financial management (PFM) queries with enriched graphs and money transfers in one step. Users can ask questions related to their spending history with various details including date, merchant, amount, and ask for spending advice. Advanced PFM features and having both text- and voice-enabled conversational interface differentiate Maxi from its competitors.

Maxi was launched in November 2018. Within 5 months, over 3 million users had interacted with Maxi, roughly 10 million dialogues had taken place and approximately 60 million TL had been transferred. Currently, Maxi is accessible via both Isbank’s mobile payment app “Maximum Mobil” and Isbank’s mobile banking app “IsCep”. Maxi has also been integrated into Google Assistant and added to Siri shortcuts.

You can watch the video of Maxi’s success story:

Keywords : PFM/BFM , AI/Robotics

Geography : Turkey