Applications open for Efma and Accenture’s Customer Insight & Growth Banking Innovation Awards

Efma feature

10 June 2019

Efma and Accenture today launched the seventh Customer Insight & Growth Banking Innovation Awards, formerly known as Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards.

Retail banks worldwide are invited to submit their innovative projects showcasing new and original digital strategies in customer experience.

The categories for the 2019 awards include:
- Phygital Distribution & Experience
- Digital Marketing & Communication
- Offering Innovation
- Analytics & Artificial Intelligence
- Workforce Experience
- Social, Sustainable & Responsible Banking
- Neobanks & Specialized Players
- Global Innovator

Each entry will be assessed using three criteria: its originality; its strategic capacity to generate long-term competitive edge and return on investment; and its adaptability for use in other markets and countries.

“Since its launch in 2013, this program has been a catalyst for innovation in the retail banking sector and has encouraged banks to build better, more disruptive strategies,” said Vincent Bastid, CEO of Efma. “We are honored to be part of an initiative that is so transformative in the industry.”

Winners will be selected through a combination of votes by a panel of judges comprising senior banking leaders from around the world and by Efma members and non-members from financial institutions voting online.

Piercarlo Gera, Accenture’s Senior Managing Director for Financial Services, Customer Insight & Growth, said: “The banking industry is being disrupted and competition from fintech is drawing a new landscape for the future. Changing customer behaviors and technologies are setting new standards on what can be achieved. Retail banks are evolving their business models with digital strategies to compete and win over the customer. We encourage financial institutions from across the globe to submit their innovations and be recognized for consumer experience and repositioning their business in new and exciting ways.”

Along with this year’s rebranding, the new program brings a brand-new platform to the table, including a reshaped user interface and a faster, more responsive and improved UX.

Banks can submit entries until 6 September at:

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Geography : International