Banking Innovation of the Month: Smartphonisation by Alior Bank

Innovation of the month

12 June 2019

Efma-Accenture’s Banking Innovation of the Month award for June goes to Alior Bank for Smartphonisation, a new, mobile way of working.

Alior Bank is the first bank in Poland to equip its employees with ready-to-use smartphones in order to put them at the heart of the bank’s digital transformation. The devices come with a tailored, preinstalled set of applications, including cloud collaboration, video chats and messenger utilities. These new tools are enhancing the employee experience by enabling employees to collaborate, communicate and coordinate tasks effectively across a unified mobile platform.

This move is part of Alior’s ‘Digital Disruptor’ strategy and denotes a shift from a customer-centric to an employee-centric experience. Recognizing that the right organizational culture and high employee involvement are key to transitioning the bank to the digital world, Alior Bank aims to reach 60% employee engagement by 2020, having already achieved 49% as of the end of 2018.

Smartphonisation appeals in particular to millennials, which make up a significant 70% of Alior Bank’s workforce. Harnessing this generation’s technological agility allows Alior to strengthen the engagement of their existing employees and attract new talent. Alior’s social media campaign via LinkedIn further promotes their new digital way of working and is setting the bank apart from its competitors.

The project’s success ultimately lies in its effective and across-the-board implementation. From employees working in the sales network to those in the headquarters, no one in the organizational structure was excluded. During the first wave of the project, Alior worked in cooperation with Innergo Systems to deliver iPhones to 700 managers in just 30 days. The second stage of the project saw an additional 6,000 employees promptly receive a smartphone.

Onboarding and training has also played a key role in the quick uptake of smartphonisation. Alior organized special events in their three headquarters, during which users were encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new technology. Further training sessions were then designed to help users exploit the potential and functionality of the smartphones and apps. A special website with video material was also created to allow users to do so at their own pace.

The switch to a comprehensive smartphone employee culture has been facilitated through knowledgeable IT staff and Mobile Device Management (MDM). Through this management software, Alior’s IT administrators are able to centrally manage employees’ devices. For example, every quarter they remotely upload new applications and carry out safety updates to all devices, which saves time and resources.

The project also follows the COPE (Company Owned Personally Enabled) concept, which separates employees’ company profile from their private one, allowing them to use their iPhones for all purposes, not just work, in a safe and transparent manner. Given security is paramount in the financial sector, the new devices were also deployed with an emphasis on ensuring corporate security.

Along with the smartphones, Alior launched a multifunctional employee portal, called Kompas, which has already been installed by more than 5,800 employees. Available in a web and mobile version, Kompas is an internal social platform which allows employees across the organization to stay in touch, receive news and exchange information, create groups, define and monitor goals, and verify questions with managers. This virtual working space is also designed according to the latest UX trends and centralizes and streamlines many tasks.

While smartphonisation directly responds to the need for employees to ‘go digital’, it has also created a differentiated in-branch customer experience. First-rate equipment allows employees to demonstrate to customers how Alior’s mobile apps work and answer all their related questions, in real time and within a comfortable branch setting. This has enabled Alior’s bankers to regain customer trust and onboard new clients to digital channels at an unprecedented rate and scale, with the company observing an increase of 9% in mobile banking customers from September through to December 2018. 

Smartphonisation will be automatically selected as a nominee for the Efma-Accenture Customer Insight & Growth Awards 2019. Submit your innovations on the Efma Customer Insight & Growth portal until 5 July for the July Innovation of the Month. Participation is free of charge and open to all banking institutions. Innovation of the Month is reserved for Efma members.

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