Discover HSBC’s journey in digital banking

Ahead of Efma’s upcoming learning expedition to London this June, Andrew Connell, Global Head of Partnership Development and Innovation at HSBC, told Efma's Sarah Gold a bit about HSBC’s digital journey, and what he expects from the event.

Discover HSBC’s journey in digital banking

Tell me about your role at HSBC.

The Partnership Development and Innovation team at HSBC Retail Banking & Wealth Management are responsible for identifying and developing new opportunities for the bank to participate in customer need ecosystems, develop new corporate development opportunities and test and scale new business opportunities. Additionally, we are helping coordinate activity across other bank stakeholders and developing a revised innovation approach. At its heart is creating new opportunities for our customers and potential new customers.

How would you describe HSBC’s digital journey and what sets it apart from its competitors?

HSBC has been placing significant investment into both digital transformation and new digital journeys. The international nature of our business brings us the greatest opportunity and challenge to build consistent experiences across some different underlying technologies and across a very wide range of customer products. Our belief, though, is that we will achieve this via mobile-centered smart banking.

What challenges and opportunities do you think will have the biggest impact on digital banking in the years to come?

The reason we have set up a partnering group is we believe customers will want parts of their personal banking experience to be relatively invisible and intuitive on other major digital platforms. We believe this offers a growth opportunity for HSBC and that we can learn and help shape the data landscapes of the future.

What can participants in Efma’s upcoming Learning Expedition in London expect from your session?

I hope for a lively and engaging two-way conversation. We’ll share some examples from our world but hope this leads to an open constructive dialogue about the changes we all see in our industry and beyond.

Meet Andrew Connell during the Efma Learning Expedition in London. Book your seat now. 


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