Efma Quick Fire Series Season 3

In the latest instalment of Efma’s series of interviews, leaders from financial services organizations around the world answer quick-fire questions and start thought-provoking dialogs.

Efma Quick Fire Series Season 3

Piercarlo Gera, global lead for Distribution & Marketing at Accenture is first up. He says vertical innovation, looking at priorities, is a must. He also says IoT should be core to strategy.

Anne Leslie, managing director at Pikcio is next in the hotseat. She says customer acquisition and retention are equally important. She also champions human blockchain and human intelligence over the technology versions!

Next up is Jim Marous, financial industry publisher, advisor and global speaker, and co-publisher of The Financial Brand. He predicts a global startup scene with companies from Singapore and Silicon Valley merging together. He also says cryptocurrency will not succeed in the next decade.

Meanwhile Samira Khamlichi, CEO of Wafacash characterizes GAFAMA as a challenge, rather than a straightforward threat or opportunity. She also champions AI versus blockchain.

Kalyani Nair, head of Virtual Banking & Payments at Maybank is next to answer our rapid-fire questions. She says that fintech cooperation beats fintech acquisition and asserts that neurotech will soon be a reality.

Next in the spotlight is Ryan Thorpe, business developer Europe at Revolut. He argues that long-term customer retention is a priority, and says privacy takes precedence over open data.

Henry Aguda, senior executive VP at Union Bank, says AI and blockchain are equally important – and that the holy grail is to have AI on the blockchain. He also argues that IoT is essential when applied the right way – though if not, it can be intrusive.

Finally, Philippe El Hajj, deputy general manager at Fransabank, says he prefers horizontal over vertical innovation. He also describes blockchain in finance as an industry revolution.

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