Insurance Innovation of the month: PZU's self service portal

Innovation of the month

13 February 2019

The Efma-Accenture Insurance Innovation of the Month award for February goes to PZU Group for its self-service portal ‘’, which enables customers to manage their insurance remotely, without going in branch.

The development of newer mobile technologies and the integration of the internet into every part of our lives has unsurprisingly changed the way customers behave. PZU Group, the largest insurer in Central and Eastern Europe has created a self-service portal ‘’ for these modern-day consumers, giving them access to complex insurance services and customer services with PZU Group directly, without needing to book an appointment in the branch or make a phone call.

“During the conceptual phase of the system, we focused on making it customer-friendly and easy to use,” said Bartosz Kwieciński, Managing Director Digital & CRM at PZU Group. “We strongly believe that our customers will prefer the self-service portal, rather than using the telephone or visiting the branch (which are at that moment very popular among our clients).”

Remote channels of contact among clients have become increasingly popular in recent years and with the self-service portal, PZU Group is meeting its customers’ expectations.

“PZU Group has centralized communication with the client, enabling them to report insurance claims and check their online status,” said Kwieciński. “Customers can also buy different types of insurance through the portal, including travel, property, motor, life or investments products.”

According to Kwieciński, the self-service portal not only enables customers to make changes to their products and arrange visits to medical centers, it is also the only one of its kind in Eastern Europe.

Currently around 150,000 customers are using the self-service portal and rate it very highly, as evidenced by the high frequency of user logins. The portal also won first place among the most innovative projects implemented in PZU Group, as part of the company’s Innovation Day Competition.

“Since the launch of the portal we have achieved savings in customer service and administration fees through online (paperless) communication with the client,” said Kwieciński. “We are constantly adding new functionalities, new services and offers to the portal. Moje PZU allows us to implement an omni-channel approach, which improves customer satisfaction, strengthening their relation with PZU and increasing our sales results.”

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