Insurance Innovation of the Month: AIG on the Go

Efma-Accenture’s Insurance Innovation of the Month award for January goes to American International Group (AIG) for AIG On the Go: The Intelligent Driving App for Singapore. The solution uses telematic to enables users to save money on their insurance by driving safely.

Insurance Innovation of the Month: AIG on the Go

AIG On the Go is an app which scores a user’s driving performance against key driving parameters (such as acceleration, speed, braking, cornering etc.). Based on that score, American International Group, Inc. (AIG) offers up to 15% off an AIG vehicle insurance premium.

The app was created to combat several problems. Many insurance companies had been struggling to create a sustainable digital customer engagement model that resulted in user-retention and conversion. Telematics had been in use in the region for years with few success stories; it was not being used to improve the customer experience, nor road safety. Historically, insurance companies used past events to evaluate the costs associated with future risks. AIG, on the other hand, wanted to use data to detect risk and help customers mitigate it.

“Our solution was not just another telematics app offering standard discounts based on driving behaviour,” said Daryl Png, product innovation lead at AIG. “We flipped the entire model by decoupling the app from the insurance and making it available to the general population with a solution that featured gamification and social contests with an instant rewards program including lifestyle benefits to the customers (based on their driving behaviour).

“By making the solution available to anybody who drives rather than only targeting the AIG customers, we drove our broader vision of safer roads for all.”

AIG On the Go represented the company’s vision to connect with its customers. The app offered: parental control to help young drivers improve; accident repair workshop details in case of claims assistance; and improved road safety by identifying braking/cornering/speeding hotspots via the telematics data. The app also gave its users instant rewards for using the service in the form of vouchers or privileges for both immediate use after joining and others that are available all throughout the customer’s lifetime on the app.

In its first 12 months, AIG On the Go clocked over 15,000 downloads and over five million kilometres (five times its target). AIG Singapore has used the app to position its motor insurance product offering towards safer drivers. After a year of using the app, only 8% of users were below a driving score of 85 (the boundary for a good risk). This is a significant drop compared with the app’s results in its first three months, where 15% of users were below 85%.

AIG has also collaborated with, an interactive platform where commuters of any sort can upload videos to showcase good driving habits and highlight the bad ones. The partnership launched an education video on telematics, which has been quite successful having received over 56,000 views.

AIG has executed a sustainable, agile transformation approach which is scalable across the world. The company aims to take this solution across Asia and beyond to engage and educate drivers on the importance of road safety.

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