Fintech Friday: NF Innova

Efma feature

09 November 2018

Vasa Šegrt, CEO of NF Innova, told Efma's Boris Plantier how the company is helping to transform financial institutions with innovative digital solutions.

NF Innova is a member of New Frontier Group, a global leader in digital transformation. “NF Innova’s sole focus is on digital banking, and on leading the transformation of today’s prime financial institutions (from micro to major) with our innovative iBanking platform,” said Vasa Šegrt, CEO of NF Innova. “With our unique Opti-channel digital banking platform, we are solving the lack of front-end process automation for financial institutions.

“True digital banking for us means a customer-centric solution that provides the most convenient banking on each channel in place, respecting the environment which that channel implies.”

NF Innova provides a unique banking solution to visionary financial institutions by delivering a rich and seamless customer journey on any digital channel. “Our Opti-channel digital banking platform is adapted to retail and corporate customers’ specific needs, steering them to the optimal channel that will provide the best possible experience for them based on specific time, location, context or triggered event on top of omni-channel features,” said Šegrt.

“Our iBanking platform simplifies online customer acquisition. Now you can cut down the number of branch visits or eliminate them altogether by providing customers with a unique app.”

A smart digital layer, powerful segmentation and personal finance management are integrated components of the platform, ensuring smooth digitalization and automation. “The mutual benefits are achieved through self-service across channels, immediate fulfilment and strategic consulting during the client’s transformation process, decreasing internal operating costs and increasing their revenue,” said Šegrt. “Our achievements were acknowledged by one of the leading global providers of market intelligence and advisory services – IDC MarketScape 2017 – who recognized us as a leader in mobile banking solutions for the iBanking mobile solution.”

NF Innova’s solutions are designed to help banks to gain competitive advantage in today’s dynamic marketplace. “The solution we deliver can help traditional banks take on a central role in this new partner ecosystem and be irreplaceable in the customers’ daily banking, as opposed to being just a banking utility,” said Šegrt. “We can assist banks in leveraging API integration and their existing customer base, and deliver value by offering partner products on their own channels, thereby delivering customer value on owned channels. This will make them a desired partner for future business relationships with fintechs and third-party companies.”

Having established partnerships with the leading banking institutions in Europe, Šegrt and his team now plan to expand the business to the Middle East, Africa and North America.

“We have implemented digital banking solutions for all target groups – private, SME or corporate clients, depending on the banks’ current requirements,” said Šegrt. “Recently, we launched first client on Middle East.

“In addition, we will continue to innovate and upgrade our solutions, embracing the emerging trends in the financial industry, including PSD2, open banking, blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and more. We already showcased a chatbot as integral part of our Opti-channel platform and process automation. By the end of the year, we will launch our latest mobile banking innovation.”

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