Summer of Startups: StaffMe

Efma feature

20 September 2018

Based in France, StaffMe is the first on-demand staffing platform that matches vetted young freelancers looking for temporary work with corporate businesses. Amaury d’Everlange, president and co-founder of the company tells Efma’s Boris Plantier all about it.

How did the idea of StaffMe come about?

The idea of StaffMe came after I decided to partner with Jean-Baptiste Achard. My goal for 2016 was to launch a new venture (StaffMe is the third one) and my wish was to do so with someone complementary.

I had worked with Jean-Baptiste for two years at my law firm. Jean-Baptiste was my trainee (he is 27 - I am 48). During this time, he proved to have the capabilities of a good partner for an internet venture.

Jean-Baptiste wasn’t sure he wished to become a barrister and was thinking about becoming an entrepreneur, therefore I offered him a partnership. Jean-Baptiste agreed immediately. So, we started to work intensively to find an appropriate idea.

The idea of a platform was obvious since I had already launched an internet platform in the US in 1998-2001 to match lawyers with clients. I now wanted to do it on an on-demand basis.

The idea of matching young freelancers with companies builds on my previous experience. I know the temp business well because in 2001 I bought an important temp agency which specialized in the legal sector. Furthermore, during my entire professional career, I have felt the challenge of finding qualified help.

On his side, Jean-Baptiste was an auto-entrepreneur, performing delivery missions for the food tech industry to finance his studies. We believed that students would be happy to use this concept for performing any kind of tasks.

And so StaffMe was born. It is a real revolution in the temp industry.

Tell us about the StaffMe solution

StaffMe is the first on-demand staffing platform that matches vetted young freelancers looking for temporary work with corporate businesses in minutes, anywhere in France. It is a fast, flexible and advantageous solution for both freelancers and businesses – a win-win solution.

A combination of individual video interviews, client notes, a pairing algorithm and a central system advertising temporary tasks/work by SMS, allows StaffMe to enable businesses to find temporary human resources at competitive and economical prices (from €15 per hour) all over France in minutes. It is therefore a very appealing alternative to intérim for any business.

On the other hand, StaffMe enables young freelancers to find flexible jobs very easily and quickly, all within their expectations and is well paid (from €12 per hour)

With StaffMe, young people can not only finance their studies or projects, but they can also improve their professional profile, all while creating a personal network within their expertise.

StaffMe responds to a need for simplicity and flexibility in the working environment required by both businesses and young people. Businesses are looking for ways to get help in a simple, fast, flexible and effective way, whilst young people are looking for well paid jobs adapted to their availability and expectations. StaffMe is an all-in-one solution that ranges from profile selection to payment, matching and billing. StaffMe relieves businesses and independent young people of all constraints in order to enable them to focus on the tasks they need to achieve.

What's next for StaffMe?

StaffMe is a real success and our growth is very impressive. We will still focus on the French market as we want to become a major player. We will soon launch a mobile application dedicated to young freelancers. We are also expanding with a ‘first job offer’ service to match young people looking for a first job with companies looking for qualified juniors.

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