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03 August 2018

Bankers come together for first Efma Banking Forum in Asia, with a second event to follow in September.

A new concept was launched in Asia this July when a steering committee of bankers came together for the first ever Efma Banking Forum.

Launched by Efma in partnership with Accenture, the inaugural Efma Banking Forum took place in Singapore on 11-12 July and was the first in a series that aims to define new standards on strategic topics for retail banks in the region.

During three half-day sessions, the steering committee of 20 bankers from Efma member institutions explored key topics of Digital marketing: personalization’, ‘Wealth and robo-advisor’, and ‘Empowering a digital workforce’.

“The first Efma Banking Forum was held in Singapore on 11-12 July, and around 20 senior regional bankers participated in formulating a vision of digital banking in 2025,” says Efma senior adviser George Beatty. “The presentations from Efma senior advisors and Accenture specialists on personalization, wealth advisory developments and future workforce requirements were highly interactive and stimulating and helped drive a draft vision that will lead towards a future white paper.”

The steering committee will now meet twice a year at the one-and-a-half-day Efma Banking Forum, to address three strategic topics each time. The next event will take place in Singapore in September, with discussions focusing on banking ecosystems.

With a goal to inspire, identify best practices and define standards by sharing achievements, common needs and challenges, the Efma Banking Forum gives attendees a chance to get involved in shaping the industry in the region.

Attendees will receive content for each subject from the community of bankers, the Efma senior advisor during their presentation and from Accenture experts. They will then be able to take part in a collaborative session, sharing common challenges and needs to establish guidance for the market.

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